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Thread: My wife and shooting the bersa 380

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    I have several Bersa's including the CC, the Thunder .380 and the Thunder .32acp. The only problem I has was FTF on the .32ACP, which was quickly corrected by polishing the feed ramp. Bersa is a reliable and under rated gun.
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    To Burtboomer: Great little gun! I think it is the best kept secret in the firearms world. That fixed barrel has a bit to do with it's accuracy, also! Congrats to your smart wife!

    To Nick Burkhardt: I'm not sure if limp-wristing (not casting aspersions, here) will cause the Bersa .380 to fail to extract or FTF or what, but it is certainly possible there is a problem with your mag. I've heard that Pro-mag magazines are notorious for causing problems, though that may not be your brand of mag.
    A fix for most mag problems: If you'll dismantle it, and use a long cotton swab inside the mag, or a cotton ball on the spring and follower, you'll find any burrs that theremight be. If you find any, a little 400 grit emery paper will fix the problem.
    That said, I do have one seven-round pro-mag for my little clone, and I worked it over when I first bought it, and it has never failed me.
    Ive never had a problem -- not one that I can remember anyway -- with either my Bersa .380 or my Bersa 9mm UC.
    BTW, Bersa will make good on any problems with your weapon... it should still be guaranteed if you're the original owner.
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    I am a glock guy with one exception. My Bersa Thunder. I use quality ammunition and Bersa mags. and have had NO issues at all with close to a thousand rounds fired.
    I had an aftermarket glock mag for my 23 and had a number of problems with it. I didn't even try to sell it, just threw it away and replaced it with more glock mags and no problems since making that change. The Bersa is a surprising good quality choice and very good for deep concealment. Even better than my 26. That said I still prefer the 26, I just like a bit more ooomph.
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    I am beginning to think that Bersa ramped up production and cut out QC after Sandy Hook. Both our 380 and 380CC have issues and both were manufactured in 2013. I have run several different brands of ammo through them. No limp wristing, she shoots other pistols without any jams. The last time I shot the 380CC it had a nose up FTF on every magazine, Bersa factory and MegGar. If I wanted a one shot wonder I would have spent $100 less on a Taurus TCP or Kel-Tec.

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    Burt, An excellent shooting CW, I jhave been carrying one for several years as have several of my friends. I added the Crimson Trace laser grips to mine and it is dead on with no problems.

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    I am completely happy with this wife loves it ( which is all that matters)and I have no complaints,ABSOLUTELY no problems,you pull the trigger and it goes bang.OK I THINK ITS KINDA FUN TO SHOOT TOO!! Nick,sorry to hear that.I was really planning on having the type of problems you mentioned since its a.lower priced,foriegn made weapon but it won't let me.

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    My wife & I also have Taurus 24/7 Pro Compacts for our PCWs. We've had them for several years now and have shot maybe thousands of rounds through them without a single hiccup. It seems like there are always haters that come out of the woodwork whenever you post about GREAT working Bersa's or Taurus handguns.

    We were forced to buy our Bersa's & Taurus handguns for protection because that's all we could afford at the time. But, since we both started teaching, training, working with CWP students & NRA clinic participants 5 years ago, we've shot almost everything there is to shoot for CC & home protection. We have also bought & added more SD/HD firearms to our collection in the last few years. But, as of yet, there has been NO reason to change our EDC preferences. Taurus & Bersa still rank very high in our arsenal of firearms.

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  9. My wife carries a thunder 380 and I carry a ultra compact 9mm with no problems. Her 380 only likes brass ammo for target. 0 issues with defense rounds.

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    I haven't had this make long enough to give a accurate report yet,but I will say this,being very partial to couple of makes that I swear by I have been looking to down this weapon any way I can but so far it has literally put me in my place(every time so far).Ok that's not completely true,I don't like the grips on it(they feel cheap),so I'm ordering different ones.but that's it.Very happy thus far.

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    I had trigger issues with my Thunder 380. The first time I passed it off as a fluke... the second time it went back and I traded up to a Ruger SR40c. I loved the gun when it was working but after two major failures I couldn't trust the life of my loved ones with one anymore.
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