9/11 military memorial
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Thread: 9/11 military memorial

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    9/11 military memorial

    With 9/11 almost here I just wanted to take a second to thanks all the military, retired or active duty, men and women that have paid the price for our freedom and saftey. Thanks you for taking the fight to their back yards so we are not fighting them in ours.

    This Saturday, the 6th, at 10am my church is holding a memorial to honor all the fallen soldiers that have paid the price in the war on terrorist. We current have about 2800 crosses, each with the name and date of a fallen soldier, and 5 plywood sized billboards also with the names and dates representing over 4600 hero that have paid the price for us. I'll be helping out Saturday and will get pictures to post. I know there are many military members and family members of military personal on this forum. I personally wanted to say thanks you for all you have sacrificed and let you know you and them have not been forgotten. Any in the Clearwater/Seminole Florida area are invited to come and show your thanks.

    Once again Thank you all for all you do.

    Seminole Assembly of God - Military Memorial

    The memorial starts a 10am the 6th at:
    Seminole Assembly of God
    10600 113th St
    Largo, FL 33778

    A few pics of the crosses going up.

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    I think we all owe our men and women who serve in the armed forces a debt of thanks. No matter what one's opinion of the war those that serve deserve our prayers. Also the families of all those that have given their all for the rest of us. Thanks for posting and reminding us.
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    That just sends a chill up my spin. That is just so overwhelming
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    thanks for posting. sometimes it seems that people who serve don't get enough thanks. they all deserve much thanks and a lot of respect.
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    Thanks for posting this KemberPB! I remember the crap we had to put up with coming back from Thailand during the Vietnam war. It wasn't fun traveling in uniform then. If you didn't click on the video on the page he posted please watch it below.

    YouTube - The Sign of Thank You
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