A $25,000 "Smart rifle"
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Thread: A $25,000 "Smart rifle"

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    A $25,000 "Smart rifle"

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    Looks like fun :-)

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    This is like fishing at a trout farm. The challenge is part of the gun.

    Might as well save 24,950$ and play a video game.

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    Looks like it would be fun to play with, but I'd feel like I was cheating. I'd rather learn to do it without all the bells and whistles.
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  6. 25K? I suppose early adopters will quickly pay for R and D for this scope/rifle. I'd like just the scope please. I have lots of stinkbugs that need exterminated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    My thoughts are that the rifle looks and (apparently) performs great. Kinda pricey though. Wonder how much their sling-shots are?

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    Hell, with this much "help" why hot just let someone else take the shot and then you sit in for the picture taking portion of the hunt?

    "Next, crosshairs appeared through my scope and Crocker told me to pull the trigger and keep it depressed as I lined the crosshairs up with my tag. As soon as those crosshairs landed on my tag, the trigger released on its own and the gun fired its round."
    Hell No!!!
    I teach my kids gun safety and I practice it myself; the 3rd rule is to keep you finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. With this gun you put your finger on the trigger and pull then keep pulling the trigger until it decides to fire. If I am understanding this correctly you don't really know when it will fire. A lot could happen between the time you pull the trigger and when the gun actually fires. Before you take the shot you need to check what it behind your target and anything possible near or between you and your target. That is time for something or someone to manage to get between you and your target or behind your target. With a traditional gun the time between pulling the trigger and the gun firing is very very short. I may be crazy but it sounds like this gun requires you to ignore the gun safety rules and that is something I'm not about to do.

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    25K is awful high but looks like it's got LOTS of potential.
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    With a gun or a bow, there is a sense of I held this correctly, I aimed this correctly, I breathed correctly, my stance is perfect, now I'm ready to take the shot... squeeze, squeeze, squeeze BANG!! Bull's eye! I did it.

    With this, you place a digital reticle over your target and fire. Eh, the gun did it. For $25k, I'd like to feel that I accomplished a little more than that.
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    Two main points One. You can now hit a moving target 1,000 away with 98% accuracy. Two it will be useless if it loses power or malfunctions or an EMP wave hits it.

    But yes if I had the cash I would get one.

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