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    I have a pair of SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection plugs that work well for me. They allow you to hear clearly while offering 25dB of protection. I have never used an indoor range so I can't really say if these would work as well in that setting. My experience is that the batteries (tiny hearing aid style) last a couple of hours. VERY comfortable. Picked these up at a Friends of NRA banquet.

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    After watching my dad turn stone deaf in his mid fifty's from impact noise, I religiously used foam ear plugs minimum doing anything noisy. On the range I've covered them with cheap muffs for years and that does the trick albeit with marginal comfort and convenience. As I've gotten a little more disposal income I stepped up to cheap electronic muffs and they worked better yet. When I started IPSC shooting, I read reviews and checked prices and finally settled on the Pro Ears Gold. A bit expensive but not considering the price of my hearing and being able to hear range commands well. I've been very happy with them. My advice -- do the research and then get the best reviewed muffs you can afford regardless of the price. Watching my dad watch TV with the sound turned off for 35 years convinced me it was worthwhile to spend the time and money.

  4. Hi. I recently attended a 4 day defensive handgun course. I noticed that many, if not all, the training staff were wearing an in the ear, hearing aid style of ear protection. I did not get a price quote but I would imagine they were at least $1,500. I was impressed that they were dynamic. They compressed sounds rather than simply clipping off sound at certain frequencies.
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    I currently use a cheap $45 electronic headset. I sort of wish I had given these electronic ears seeing as how my work around aircraft has left me with a partial hearing loss. The manufacturer made the claim that they were much less expensive than going to an audiologist for hearing aids, because they were sold as sporting equipment and not a medical device.
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  5. Indoors, electronic muffs (turned off) 'n' plugs. Outdoors, electronic muffs turned way down. Usually adjust each ear so that I may barely hear myself say "testing" through them. I don't hunt any more, otherwise, I'd turn them up louder, and man, you may hear everything with them turned-up a bit. Incredible high frequency response.
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