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Thread: 4473 didn't get signed!!!!

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    Go sign it, ask for a gift card for your inconvenience since it was their responsibility to ensure the paperwork was filled out correctly.

  3. Just do the right thing. There are plenty of other ways to "make a statement."

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    This happened to me a few years ago. I got a call from my local dealer about a week after I bought the gun. Do the right thing and go back and sign it and don't even ask for anything. Everyone makes mistakes no since in being an ass about it.
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    If those people running the sporting goods department at Walmart had an ounce of sense, they would be burning rubber to your house, and be at your front door BEGGING you to PLEASE sign it!

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    I owned a small gun shop for 10 yrs. I will tell you the BATF will find out what happened. I sold a gun to a police officer and it was used in a holdup by a bad guy. The gun came back to me so the BAFT came to me and I pulled out all my records to show who bought it. The officer said that he traded it back to me. It took over a year before they found out that the officer sold it on the street. They made my life a living hell and also the officers as will. After it was proven that I did everything right it took 5 yrs for them to get out of my life after that. I would just sign like you should have in the first place,

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    Quote Originally Posted by DILLIGAF View Post
    I have a short story, then a question for all here.
    I recently purchased a DPMS .223/5.56 from Walmart......I know, I know.....Walmart. It's a great gun, shoots straight and true, and I am very happy with it. It has been a week since my purchase and I received a call today from Walmart stating that, "THEY", forgot to have me sign the, "4473 form", before I left with it!!!! Are you serious???? They forgot to have me sign the, "most important form" to the ATF in this process and now want me to drive back down there to fix their mistake.....
    Here is my question:
    What happens if I don't sign it???

    Any input is welcome,
    Sign nothing and put the onus of getting it signed back on them. When you buy ammo over the Internet you don't sign a blessed thing. Walmart can shove their forms up their rectal orifice.

    BTW, I love your screen name!

    EDIT: I'm very sorry... I read the OP incorrectly and thought he had purchased ammo and was so very confused why so many people were telling him to sign a form for firearm's transfer when he was buying ammo. But he was purchasing a firearm as he stated and I misread.

    I change my answer. Do the right thing. Tell them next time you are in the store, you'll go back and sign it.
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    Why go back? That costs the OP time and money and because it was Walmart's oversight, they need to arrange a time to come to HIM. Problem is for Walmart, they don't have a policy for making service calls and its going to be a goat-rope getting them to act. Just my opinion.

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    Go sign the damned thing man. You may not like Walmart but they are decent enough about your 2nd amendment rights to be willing to sell you an ar. If you can't be bothered with helping an ffl that sold you a firearm please just start buying from private sellers. No...I don't work for Walmart but I do buy guns and ammo from them. You got any other ffls within farting distance of where you live?

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    Tell them that you sold it at a gun show

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    Quote Originally Posted by billt View Post
    I would simply call the ATF, tell them what has just happened, and ask them what you are obligated to do. This is Walmart's error, and a very serious one. These are the exact type of things FFL's are lost over.
    You are right except I doubt Walmart would lose there FFL but its a fair bet somebody would be fired
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