The constant attack on firearms continues...
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Thread: The constant attack on firearms continues...

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    The constant attack on firearms continues...

    When some mental idiot decides to go on a murderous rampage, the focus is always on the "evil" gun... and the screams to disarm the good citizens is heard round the world... But when an armed citizen uses a gun to defend his life or the life of others, no mention is made of the benefits of being armed.

    Many in my family and circle of friends CCW sans permit... responsibly... Is this an oxymoron? No, not at all, as it is a position which the govt has forced us into... the govt cannot protect you, the laws in place cannot protect you...and the police cannot protect you. It has become very obvious that protection from criminals, violence, injury and death is fully dependent on you and yours.

    Know the law of the land on self-defense, as it trumps any modification on the 2nd by individual states or the federal govt.
    Train with your gun, know and understand your weapon, become proficient and comfortable with it...and make sure your emotionally trained as well... pulling the trigger on another human is not as easy as the crooks or Hollywood make it seem... the law abiding citizens have a reverence for life...unlike the criminal element.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to CCW, you must train your mind in regards to remaining calm and focused when confronted with evil... prepare for the moment and be able to recognize the need for an armed response... Forget all that Hollywood "teaches" you and know that "Any person may use deadly force to defend oneself or others from a reasonable belief that an imminent threat of SERIOUS BODILY INJURY or DEATH is present." You have the right to protect from injury as well as death...

    The police are not your enemy, and while some are all about the letter of the law... know that many are also in touch with the spirit of the law when it comes to armed citizens... but to avoid the risk of being discovered CCW'ing without a permit, behave in a manner which will not attract police attention... whether you're CCW'd or not...

    The time to reverse the roles between good citizens and criminals, when it comes to crime, is now...

    Donít become a victim of irresponsible gun laws by the govt... and become responsible for the safety of your family and yourself.
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    The libs think that to curb gun violence the answer is to ban firearms. This is kind of like banning cars to prevent drunk driving injuries and deaths.

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    I agree with the stand you have taken as far as the gov. will not protect you etc.....but I also agree that there need to be more detailed background checks to include histories of mental illness.....just my 2 cents

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    The constant attack on firearms continues...

    I understand the idea behind deeper background checks I'm sorry but I think it will never make a difference. If someone wants a weapon mentally ill or not they will always be able to get one legal or not. I used to think if they wanted these new laws or rules just let them do it to shut them up,but the truth is these political entities already have more than enough laws they just don't enforce them.these people do not need anymore power than they already have. Especially when they only use it for there benefit

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    The constant attack on firearms continues...

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