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Thread: Do You Feel Comfortable Open Carrying at the Mall?

  1. Lots to read. I agree that OC has valid points. The essay by Mainsail was the best, but clearly a one-sided persuasion rather than a balanced view. By no means do I view those that chose to OC as uninformed. But I respectfully reserve my right to weigh the advantages and disadvantages differently. Perhaps it is best to have a mix of us mingling out there...

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    The map says that open carry is permitted in MA with a license. To my knowledge there is no concealed carry law on the books which would make you think open Carry would be the way to go, but here in the peoples republic if they see it they call it brandishing and that is a no no. But, if I was allowed to open carry I still would not. I don't have a problem with open carry, it's just not for me. Maybe because I have never lived anywhere that permitted it.

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    I haven't been to a mall in years but would be fine if I did go
    While open carrying but it depends on weather and attire if I were to OC or CC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    I don't go to the mall... it is filled with either high-end merchandise that I do not need nor want, or teenage female clothing stores. So do I feel uncomfortable carrying openly at the mall? I just feel uncomfortable at the mall period.
    I did vote "Yes" but am pretty much in the same frame of mind as you, wolf_fire. Every once in a great while I go to Penny's for their Big & Tall clothes, but usually I just order online because it works out a little cheaper anyway. I also haven't OC'ed yet because the law just changed here to make it fully legal, and I've been pretty much out of commission for the last couple of months due to significant health issues. While I hardly ever set foot in a mall, and haven't OC'ed yet, if I go out OC'ing now that it's legal, and needed to stop by the mall for some unforeseen reason, I wouldn't be uncomfortable doing so because of my OC, I'd just be uncomfortable because I hate malls. LOL

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    I only open carry when I am going to the firing range and / or LGS then streight back home. I don't like all of the attention I would get open carrying and I feel that I would have a tactical advantage if the stuff hit the fan and the BG didn't know that I am armed, but that's just me. If others want to open carry I have no problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Blue View Post

    The map is wrong.

    Arkansas is NOT an Open Carry state.

    Open carry at the Mall? Heck, my local Mall, which is owned by a couple of rich GOPers do NOT allow firearms inside the Mall. I can CCW in Sears, JCP, Dillard's, etc. but not inside the Mall.

    I avoid the Mall if at all possible for this reason.

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    To me it is a no brainer, I carry open every time I leave the house, so why should I feel uncomfortable. Oh, I know why because in Ohio it just isn't done in malls because of postings restricting carrying at all in the mall. Yes another GFZ or should I call it what it is a TRE (Target Rich Environment) and unarmed at that.
    So if I could, I would and think I should be allowed.
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    My current, sh!tty State dosn't allow it........... :(
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    Do You Feel Comfortable Open Carrying at the Mall?

    Opinions are like noses. Everybody has one. For what it's worth here's mine. I was glad that the Mississippi Supreme Court up held HB2 opening the door for open carry simply because it is a constitutional right. Since it's adoption into law I've seen no one and only heard of two instances of open carry of a firearm. So much for the Wild West theory. Personally I'm going to continue to carry concealed. My philosophy is simple. If I don't have to walk through a metal detector to get I'll be carrying. I do it to protect myself and my family. Not to make a point. That being said I fully respect everyone's right to open carry and if that's their choice I'm all for it.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by nosreme View Post
    how you carry is a function of how you want to be seen. It also has to reflect a realization how you will be perceived--and how others might act on those perceptions. It is not unreasonable at all for an average citizen to perceive open display of guns as a sign of discomforting narcissism at best and a potential threat at worst, and to resolve any doubt in favor of calling the police. That's especially true what with escalating predictions that terrorists, some american-grown, are certainly going to target soft targets like shopping malls. The non-shooting citizen's position of "better to be safe than sorry" is likely to trump the gun-carrier's rhetoric about demonstrating a constitutional and/or state-law right, at least until things get sorted out.

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