Do You Frog Lube?
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Thread: Do You Frog Lube?

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    Do You Frog Lube?

    I have been using Frog Lube for about a year. It does a good job of cleaning my weapons and I guess by now my weapons are well seasoned with it.
    I have only had one bad experience with it and that was my own fault.
    I had used to much of it on my Ruger SR9c's Striker assembly and gummed it up.
    This caused multiple light strikes and much frustration on my part.
    Other than that no issues and I feel my weapons are well protected from the elements. (Mainly humidity here in Florida).
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  3. Gunzilla is the best. Try it. BTW I have no affiliation with the company.

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    I've been using Frog Lube... I like it a lot so far!
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    Been using it for a bit myself, so far I like it. The initial cleaning and application takes a bit of time, but was not that bad.

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    My wife and I had been using it on our ARs and Glocks before they fell over the side in a tragic boating accident. It seemed to work up until then.

  7. I am not a fan. I tried it but am just to fond of Break-free C-L-P. It is pretty much the only thing I use and I have no complaints about it.

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    Do You Frog Lube?

    I've tried it and it does work great but it's just too much hassle for me. I'll stick with the solvents.

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    I find toxic solvents and odors too much of a hassle.

    My solvent is Green Stuff, and my CLP is Froglube.

    I love the smell of a minty fresh gun in the morning.

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