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  • Get the .357 Magnum you wussy!!!

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Thread: ~Ruger LCR Purchase Question~

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    I went with the .38 because, at the time, it was the only available LCR around along with the .22. In comifornia and this county, you can't conceal a .22, it has to be above that and below a .50. I guess they don't want to upset the bad guy and don't want the projectile to go into the next county. The LCR works best in the summer around here and is very concealable.

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    If weight and comfort are part of your consideration, have you considered a .380? My LCP has 6+1 capacity, weighs less than 12oz fully loaded and the dimensions are 5.1" x 3,6" x 0.8". In other words, same capacity as a wheel gun, lighter, more comfy, and you can have spare mags instead of speedloaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    I'm considering this as my primary IWB concealed carry.
    My trusty Glock 27 can start to feel a bit cumbersome IWB after hours at a time (especially when it's hot & humid out).
    Plus I need to lose about 30 lb's also (good luck to me with that). :-(

    As far as 'stirring the pot',
    I am truly not intending to do so...I have a friend who swears by his 22 magnum and I am seriously considering it.
    Personally The_Outlaw, I would be very dubious about carrying something as light as any .22 (be it long rifle or magnum). There are so many pocket guns chambered in 9mm, .380, etc. that to think of a .22 as a primary carry seems a bit unwise to me.

    Do some ballistics comparisons on the rounds. I like this site: Ballistics 101 | All the ballistic charts. Finally, in one place

    However, the smallest handgun caliber they give info about is the .25 ACP. This should probably tell you something about carrying a .22.

    Just my $0.02 without sarcasm for once.
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    I voted 357 for the simple fact, already mentioned, that you can shoot either 38 or 357. The weight difference between the two isn't all that much.
    If you aren't 100% behind the LCR, there are a few revolvers out there in 32 Magnum.
    S&W used to make them, but they aren't on the website anymore. I believe Taurus still does.
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