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    Kentucky Gun Co. just got a boatload of BLEMS from Taurus. These are new stock factory blems. ( Finish )
    Now I know how some of you feel about Taurus, but I've had good luck with the 3 revolvers I have.
    Free shipping, & they'll waive the credit card fees for this offer.
    Worth a look

    Guns For Sale Online - Kentucky Gun Co.

    Type in blem in search.

    Also, Menard's has 30 cal ZOMBIE ammo cans for $6.97. HOT DEAL if you have a Menard's in your

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    I've seen better pricing on unblemished.
    Ex: 709 slim at local Fleet Farm is $304.00. That's $20.00 cheaper than KGC's blemished price.
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    So have I. But alot of those guns they're offering are OOS most places.

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