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Thread: Lawsuit against Springfield Armory Inc?

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    Here is the video Springfield posted with their latest FAQ update:

  3. I'm waiting on mine to come back, I sent it in Aug. 29th so should be getting it back soon.

  4. I've been shooting a .38 and SA Champion to keep in shape. Working-out with the hand grip exercises and getting my legal 'roid shots regularly (give them to my self), instead of getting them when I feel the need to start shopping in the womens' department at Walmart...

    ...should be ready to carry the bulldog again. Miss that thing, believe it or not.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

  5. I have no problem with a company being proactive in wanting to fix an issue with their product, especially something as potentially dangerous as a firearm. I sent mine to them at the end of August and it came back this past week, just short of 2 months. They included one of the 7 round mags and a nice plastic case as well as a thank you for being patient. I think they did the right thing by their customers and I will probably buy more SA products because of it. I don't see much change other than a little heavier trigger pull, but I still really like my .45

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