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Thread: Miriam Carey shooting - justified??

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    Ms. Carey was using her car as a weapon. Why and if she had a firearm was not clear, but she was clearly a threat of death or serious bodily injury. In a one on one situation, I would shoot too, if the threat of death or serious bodily injury was possible, based in the behavior of the driver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolClownFish View Post
    Our legal system at it's finest. Guilty until proven innocent....... Or shot!
    And, naturally, once you're shot, you are guilty.

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    One of my favs.
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    I think what is the main issue here is the response by the media, congress, and the police. They were all so grateful that Carey was shot and killed by the "heros". They were just praising the heroic efforts. A true hero would have ended the situation without killing her. I saw many opportunities to shoot out the tires of her car or box her in but instead they fired directly at her multiple times before they actually hit something. Where did those bullets go? I saw Police cars driving at extrodinary speed directly into barriers, destroying their cruiser and injuring themselves. I believe this is just another case of overaction by an "on edge" police state. Wasn't there a military drill of some sort going on in that area also? We really need more information to determine weather or not the killing of that woman was justified but I think we all can comment on the response in the aftermath.

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    The Chairwoman of John Jay College is either an idiot or think her statement through! hmmm would that be the same?
    Amazing how us "laymen" cowboy gun nuts understand the ramifications of her statement.
    I have thought if the shooting was necessary. I hope this doesn't sound like the "antis" that say couldn't they just shoot him/her in the arm, leg or just shoot the weapon out of their hand. but I was wondering if those strips that flatten tires could have been used. Probably not in such chaos and short time.
    On the other hand it was an erratic series of events and with such high anxiety of there being a possible car bomb I guess stopping the car was the focus.
    I still wonder though that this sad situation might have been handled differently. I hope they do extensive investigation and study to determine if there was a better way to handle it and not just dismiss it with Law Enforcement had the right and obligation to shoot so that everyone would be safer!
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