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  1. This guy seemed responsible and conscientious to the max and I appreciate his candidness on the accident. But it makes me wonder, have we sophisticated gun carry and sport too much? specialized holsters and accessories, etc?? After all, free economies excel in innovation but perhaps simplicity should reign at times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich M View Post
    Ouch, I guess that's one reason not to use to many guns and holsters, that are functionally that much different, for you carry gun.
    I only have 1 pistol that I carry and I'm looking to get a new gun on the next month or so. I'll definitely keep this vid in mind when I get the holster that goes with it.

    Thanks for posting
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    If that poster was real the fact that he shot himself would be irrelevant compared to the multiple shots he would have taken from the perp.

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    You just scared the hell out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    I have to admit, we did not try to push straight into the release with the tip of our finger. We did try to depress with a lot of pressure to see if our finger could accidentally follow through into the trigger guard. Not one person could replicate that. I can see if you try to push with the tip of your finger in an already curled position, one could get their finger stuck in the trigger guard. However, you are correct, one would have to little to no experience with a handgun to try to do that though. Thanks for the clarification.
    No problem. I know sometimes it's hard to communicate detail effectively using only written word and not being able to interact, demonstrate etc.
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    I have a Serpa, really like it. Never had the finger on the trigger problem, my finger always comes our on the slide. The only problem I have with this holster is it isn't very concealable. Sticks out and shouts "howdy".

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    Quote Originally Posted by subvet69 View Post
    I have a Serpa, really like it. Never had the finger on the trigger problem, my finger always comes our on the slide. The only problem I have with this holster is it isn't very concealable. Sticks out and shouts "howdy".
    It does stick out way to far to be an effective concealed holster. this is the main reason I don't care for it as a concealed holster.

    I've also seen guys on get rocks/debris caught underneath the retention release that they had to use screwdrivers to pry out. That's one of a few reasons I don't like it from a tactical use standpoint. (the rocks/debris get caught up when shooting from the ground and lying on your holster side)
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    I can't remember if I subscribed to Tex Grebner's channel (I have over 100 subs, can't remember them all, and don't care enough to go looking right now), but I've watched a bunch of his videos. Tex is the guy who shot himself in the OP vid. He does a lot of gear reviews kind of like The Late Boy Scout, nutnfancy, Sootch, hickok45 etc. I can't remember what he was reviewing when he shot himself, probably either the weapon or the holster, but he was "working" when it happened.

    As others have noted, he was very open about the events. Since I haven't seen anyone post it though, I'll assume that no one is aware that he did a follow-up video "almost exactly one year to the minute" after the negligent discharge. I knew it was out there as I've seen it before, but just happened to find it in the "recommended videos" while I was surfing YouTube a few minutes ago, so I figured I'd post it up for your viewing pleasure. Here ya go....

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    I Just Shot Myself

    I've seen this video before, but personally, I just think the guy's an idiot. I've been using Serpas for years and am an ardent believer in them. They're the only Lvl 2 and Lvl 3 retention holsters that have felt natural to me. Keeping your finger straight and off the trigger (or where the trigger is going to he when the gun is removed) is about as common sense as it gets. It only takes 2 seconds of fiddling with the holster to finger out that's how it's designed to work.

    A newbie to guns is one thing, and the holster may not be right for them, but somebody confident enough in their abilities to make a self-professed YouTube instructional video, should be smart enough to figure out how to use a holster correctly without shooting himself. Just my opinion.

  10. At least he 'fessed-up and told the world he made a mistake. He'll always have a reminder what happened. I agree with jcreek. Caution and safe handling were out the window on this ND.
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    I have a Serpa for my Glock 23 and I consider it to be a very good holster with the exception that it doesn't hold the weapon as tightly as I would like. I don't carry a round in the chamber when I use it because I have always had a little apprehension about the trigger safety. I don't go in for the "Quickdraw McGraw" because I am afraid I might pull the same stunt as Tex. I found a good leather holster that I now use and which I don't mind carrying with one in the chamber. I guess if one were to use the Israeli draw technique with the Glock, there shouldn't be as much worry about shooting one's self but that would require time. That subject has been beaten to death on other forums and I have found it is better to use what is comfortable and practical for me.

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