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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    I have a Serpa for my Glock 23 and I consider it to be a very good holster with the exception that it doesn't hold the weapon as tightly as I would like.
    Check your owners manual, or look on line for instructions for your particular holster. Most are designed with adjustments to "loosen or tighten" the retention. Some come with extra pieces (that you probably left in the package) where you remove one piece from the holster, then replace it with a piece that is a slightly different size.

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    Thanks for posting. It really drives the point about keeping things simple.

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    The more complicated safeties and holsters become, it's almost axiomatic that we rely on them too much. Think of the difference between a car with a manual transmission instead of an automatic, you have to plan further ahead. In other words; using your mind and not trusting the machine determines safe operating procedures. Glad the fellow is OK. Having been shot myself (but not by myself), I can relate in part to his experience.
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