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Thread: Pocket Pistol choice?

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    I also recommend the Ruger LCP, or on the upscale the Sig P-238. The Sig is almost twice as much but well worth the difference in price! I own both. I prefer carring the Sig a little more accurate and has night sights! The Ruger is great for business dress.......

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    try that lcp and hornady on a groundhog, possum, coon, armadillo, and get back to us about what you still "think' about it. :-) i'll give long odds that you won't still be happy about it. when it won't even stop a 10lb critter, why expect it to be effective on a 200 lb man, hmm? Why settle for a mere 150 ft lbs? The pocket 9, if loaded properly, can have 3x that much power. While still not an overwhelming blow, it beats a fleabite.

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