Pocket Pistol choice?
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Thread: Pocket Pistol choice?

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    Pocket Pistol choice?

    I'm planning on getting a pocket pistol. Deciding whether to get a Beretta Bobcat .22LR or a Kel Tec P-32 .32 acp?
    At close range either can do some damage. 2 or 3 qwick shots of .22lr in center mass or the head will put a hurting on you.
    But of course so will 1 or 2 rounds of .32 acp.

    Anyone have either of these guns and recommend them?

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    Pocket pistol
    Have you see or considered the double tap. http://www.doubletapdefense.com/
    I personally will be getting one when they come out with the 410/45colt version
    Yes it will be hard to hold and yes it will kick like a mule but it's not a target pistol it's an emergency tool.

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    If not then I would look at the ruger LCP

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    I am fond of the Walther PK380 and now as of today the Taurus Model 85 .38spl

    They both fit nicely in the pocket and shoot really well.

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    I love my Ruger LCP. Easily fits in the pocket, and a larger round.

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    I have the P32 and carry it almost every day. Mine needs hot ammo. I use Fiocchi FMJ. Accurate for a tiny pistol with basically no sights.

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    Colt Mustang with Buffalo Bore ammo

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    My bare minimum choice? The NAA .22lr mini, I love it. It goes everywhere with me... even in my gym shorts.
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    Considered the Bobcat and the Taurus PT22 (very similar) as pocket pistols, but decided that the Taurus 738 TCP in .380 would be a better choice, as it is just about the same size (4.9" for the Bobcat, 5.3" for the Taurus PT22 and 5.3" for the Taurus 738), larger caliber, and around $90 cheaper than the Beretta. The PT22 is around the same price as the 738, but the dealer talked me out of it, said they get a lot of them back for problems, almost never get any 738s back.

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    I personally love my little Beretta and have had no problems as a pocket gun. It's light enough that I can keep it there and don't have to pull up my pants constantly.
    I'm not sure how soon you're going to be making your purchase, but I recently saw an article and took a look at Beretta's website for their new Pico 380. It's very light (comparable to or maybe an ounce or so heavier than the bobcat) and they claim the slimmest 380. Concealment and comfort will likely be there. I guess it's supposed to come out this fall, plus the price point will likely compete with the LCP.

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