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Thread: elmer Keith never pointed a guin at anyone. he was never a cop, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich kid View Post
    Is it my imagination or is the chik-fil-a pop up appearing more often since thru started posting???
    chik-fil-a pop up? I must be missing something. Maybe I'm sheltered too much lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by the dark View Post
    I believe we are all supposed to be impressed. Nothing much to see.

    New dude with 35 posts per day. Hope he gets back on his meds or his home health-care worker comes back from vacation.
    I was going to post but I have even less posts, I'll wait until I have more, but wait how never mind.

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    I am just an average "Joe" who has been carrying for a years now. Like most law enforcement officer's, I have not and I hope that I never have to pull and use my weapon. I am wonder how this guy has had to hold 5x guys at gun point and has had many confrontations were he thought he was justified. Do you go around looking for trouble? I fired my weapon once at an individual who I visually saw trying to break into a neighbor's home and the load that was fired was shell shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thru View Post
    Many 'think" Jeff never missed in combat, he tended to encourage that myth. :-) Many "think" Elmer had lots of combat experience, but he had none. I've held men at gunpoint 5x in my life. :-) i've had a dozen other confrontations (or near-attacks, when I would have been justified in drawing, but I either wasn't packing (misdemeanor where I was) or something intervened just in time. Once, my lw commander "caught' on the bottom of a table, when a large teenager at a full run rounded the corner of an open air taco bell, in S cal, carrying an UZI. I saw "man with smg" and the gun came out of the belly rig. Then I saw the water dripping off of the muzzle of an UZI. Kids in cities are very stupid to be messing around in such a manner. 1986, there was no coloring or marks at all to indicate that it was not the real deal. He came within about 3/4 second of being shot.
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    Internet commando.
    Commando? No! Whack-o? Quite probably.
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    I must lead a boring life or at least live in a boring and very safe place. My father let my use his guns 60 years ago and I've been shooting and hunting ever since. I have been carrying on a regular basis for the last several years. And I never have had to draw it for self defense; nor do I want to be in that position. Carrying firearms has made me a much more tolerant and thoughtful person.

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