right now and for the foreseeable future, .22lr is hard to find and 15c a shot when you do, but that still beats 30c a shot for centerfires, by a wide margin. if you "can't afford" a $400 gun, how can you possibly afford to shoot centerfires enough to be any good? Cops shoot 500 rds a year and we KNOW that they aint any good (unless they practice on their own) So, figure that you must shoot 2000 rds per year to stay good, after you spend $2000 on ammo and coaching to GET good. That's $600 per year of the cheapest centerfire ammo you are at all likely to find. So how can you do that, when $400 for a gun is a deal breaker for you, hmm? Decent instruction costs $50 an hour, especially if it comes to you, so you are saved the $1000+ cost of going to the training facility. You need at least 40 hours of the best training. Cops get 40 hours (admittedly, poor training) and we all SEE what they are "capable" of handling, right? :-)