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Thread: Bloomberg to Time: "What do you mean we lost? ... [W]e won in Colorado."

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    I think your missing his point. He's calling it a win because the law is still in place. All the recall did was get rid of two people that pushed for it. He doesn't care about them, only the law itself. Bloomberg is showing his true liberal colors. People are expendable the agenda isn't.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    I didn't miss anything, with MY comment. I was referring to a certain kind of hardball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the dark View Post
    It's the "I have so much f-ing money I can do whatever I want and create my own reality'" syndrome. It means he has no sense of the reality we all live with. He is rich enough he can effectively deny reality.
    Maybe he could go & buy his own island somewhere & be KING !
    Or take Obama with him & let him be king.

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    The Japanese said they "won" at Midway too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    You just described a couple politicians I can think of.
    ONLY a couple?!

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    The one point he is making is a good one. What is being done to repeal the law.
    People like his look at the constitution as a novel idea that is now obsolete. They really need to be beeaacchh slapped but they won't be. The people that support him and his kind weather living or dead will vote.
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