5 shots fired (overhead) 19 attackers stopped. 5 cases,no hits. 3 of my students,
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Thread: 5 shots fired (overhead) 19 attackers stopped. 5 cases,no hits. 3 of my students,

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    5 shots fired (overhead) 19 attackers stopped. 5 cases,no hits. 3 of my students,

    a friend of mine and me personally. One was a cop in TX with whom I had served in the Army. Working a small town, he had occasion to serve a felony warrant in a bar. He got the intended arrestee cuffed, and 7 of his buddies decided that they weren't going to allow this. James hit one with his sap, one with his nightstick, drew his Gold cup .45 and fired over the heads of the others. All 5 stopped. Slim put all 8 of them in jail, but 2 had to go to the hospital first.

    Both me and my friend (separate occasions, both of us 18) were each attacked by 4 unarmed high school kids, at night, charging out of a car,THINKING that they were going to drag guys out of cars and thump on them. I was using a 185 gr Hornady jhp, over 8.5 grs of Unique, in it lit up the entire COUNTY. :-) My buddy was using a P38 and found out the next day that he put a 9mm ball rd thru both windshields of that car, even tho he THOUGHT he fired over their heads.

    Larry had a brand new car sideswiped, in a rural area, and the other car (4 teenagers) ran off. Larry pursued and used his car to force theirs off the road. They charged his car and he fired his P35 over their heads. All 4 went to their knees, begging for their lives. He got their driver's licenses, made them drive to the PD. Charges against them were dropped after they paid for the damage to his car. :-)

    Smitty had stopped his 18 wheeler to sleep, rest area in CO mountains. 2 women woke him, asking for help to change a tire on their station wagon. He complied, but when he squatted at the wheel, 2 guys with jack handles came charging out of the back of the car! He fired over their heads, unintentionally, cause he slipped on the ice, trying to stand up swiftly, as he drew the LW commander .45 that I'd sold him. Both men went to their knees, begging not to be shot.

    Same small TX town, Slim had arrested somebody,and a group of the guys' buddies were driving around the block, looking all tough, while Slim searched and cuffed the guy, etc. Slim called his Chief, who showed up and was talking with Slim, when the same guys came around the corner. The chief didn't say anything, just drew his 357 and emptied at the car! He only hit it once. Slim drove me by the owner's house and showed me the bullet hole. Only in TX! :-)

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    My Dad. one time, fired a .22 handgun up in the air, as he caught a neighbor punk stealing our bottle of milk. He said the kid was running fast (dad had cocked the revolver and pointed it at the kid's nose, from a few feet away and said "drop it". The kid was running fast, but at the shot, he "threw it into overdrive", as pop was always fond of telling it. :-) It had been stolen often, so dad had mom dress up my oldest brother in Dad's coat and drive off, as if taking dad to work. Dad heard whistling as someone came down the street, and in front of our house, the whistling stopped. Dad already had the door cracked. He eased it open and caught the punk grabbing the bottle, from a squatting position alongside of our front stoop. :-) 70 years ago, today, he'd have served time for such a thing. The neighbors came out about the noise, and Dad told them that he knew who it was and it had better never happen again. After that, the milk could sit there until it turned to CHEESE, and nobody wanted to take it. :-)

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    Bull Crap. Is life so damn boring people have to make crap up.
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    true facts, homeboy. Just because YOU have lived a very tame life and don't know anybody different, does not mean that I am lying.

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    I also know a guy who was a cop at the time, had some punks throw a packet of firecrackers into his car window, while stopped at a light. He was so po'd that he chased them and emptied his PPK into their vehicle, from behind them, left handed out of his car window.. Then he cooled off and just peeled off. They decided that they'd better not push the issue, either.

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    I think you are a case of a person who posts crap on a forum because nobody around you wants to listen to it.
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    I think you have achieved a new record. Out of the first five answers to your post, three of them were yours.

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    Somebody is way too obsessed with firing rounds into the air. Kind of violates the rule of knowing what your target is and what is behind your target, just a little bit.

    But, then again, I can't seem to resist feeding trolls.
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    With the 2nd amendment under attack we do not need stupid posts/remarks like this.
    Time to ban thru.
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    Hey, look what I got for ya...

    5 shots fired (overhead) 19 attackers stopped.  5 cases,no hits.  3 of my students,-giant_cup_of_who_the_hell_cares_mug.jpg
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