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Thread: Buy American made 9mm,for around 250 to 300 dollars

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    Quote Originally Posted by r0cknu View Post
    I've been looking at this pistol for over a year now but I just can't seem to pull the trigger. The recurring themes from all the reviews I've read are:

    - Long, stiff trigger. Proponents say they get used to it. Should I just spend a few more dollars to not have to bother with getting used to it?
    - Quality control. Anecdotal statements like, "there was nothing wrong with mine" doesn't mean I won't be the sucker who buys a lemon.

    If I had cash just lying around then this wouldn't be such a hard decision. As it is, I think I need to know up front that the CC gun I buy will be smooth, functional, and reliable. Those XDs 9's look pretty sweet!
    The XDs 9mm is pretty awesome. I might have gotten one but, well, it was at the very beginning of the recall. Trigger was nice and smooth (and I have skinny fingers)... I would have needed to change the grip out though, it's pretty rough and 30 rounds in my hands weren't happy with it. Wasn't enough to make me stop shooting, though! ;)
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    Have you looked at the Boberg site? Boberg XR9 | Best 9mm Pocket Pistol On Earth They are around a grand. Dealers are now getting them. Read some reviews. Email Arne (he also participates directly in the web site) and ask where there might be a dealer near you. Or an owner. They like to show off and can give him permission to link up owners and potential owners. People waited for well over a year to finally get one when he was initially ramping up a product he was happy with (I believe there were around 10 pre-production iterations). He did not take money until they were ready. He just kept a list. He is an engineer's engineer. He built his first gun at age 2, just before he got that damn bear.

    They are about as small as you are going to get in 9mm, and they have much less felt recoil because of the way they are designed. They are really not like any other small gun you can fire. Run +P if it amuses you. The gun is fine with that. This is a well crafted and designed machine. The insides are unlike any gun you have seen in terms of quality and they way things actually work. Whey you get yours and go to the range, people will try to stop you from putting in the ammunition backwards. You may then grin and continue to fire. Not just a gun. It is at least as well manufactured as anything you can find. Better than most.

    Still not well known; he is a small manufacturer. His line is expanding. There is a longer barrel version and something in the .40 to .45 range coming. Here is a high speed film of one going bang. Boberg XR9-S Firing Sequence at 10,000 Frames Per Second - Boberg Arms | XR9-S | Power. Performance. Prestige. and a review Video Review of the XR9-S "Shorty" - Impressive! - Crucible Arms - Boberg Arms | XR9-S | Power. Performance. Prestige.

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    From what I have seen of the reviews, it sounds like a good gun for the money. I might consider for a back up carry. There are a couple dealers in the area and will go check one out.

  5. The XR9 is way, way out of my bang-for-buck pocketbook. It might be the finest on earth, but it is priced out of the market for me.
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  6. I have seen this on the website and it looks like a great deal. Hopefully I can spot one at the local shop so I can take a closer look and maybe sneak it home:yes4 :

  7. How is it in terms of reliability, and has anyone experienced issues with certain types of ammo? (other than the steel case type that noffsinger mentioned earlier in this thread)

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    I owned a SCCY cpx-2 and here are some thoughts.

    Though the trigger is long and fairly stiff it is not a bad trigger at all. Let's face it, the small CC guns so often are DAO and that is their safety, basically. Getting used to it was easy and it actually is a nice accurate little gun.

    Easy to carry and the small double (staggered) stack allows for 10 + 1.

    Lifetime warranty follows the gun, not the owner - nice feature. The company is very customer service oriented and is extremely quick and reliable on service returns...which brings me to why I used to own one. In the four to five months that I had it I had to return it twice. Once they did a trigger upgrade when mine got to a point where it would only reset about half the time and right after getting that fixed the extractor broke and needed to be replaced. Both returns were handled expeditiously with great service and no money out of my pocket but the bottom line was that I was not comfortable having the SCCY as my EDC. I sold it and bought a Kahr CM9 which, by the way, is a fantastic gun with flawless performance.

    The SCCY is a nice gun and the company seems committed to servicing their product but it just wasn't for me.

  9. As a LC9 owner I can say I have no problem with recoil. I've put several hundred rounds through it and the recoil has never been an issue. My girlfriend likes it as well. The long trigger pull takes some getting used to, but I went ahead and modified the trigger pull so it's now shorter.

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    looks like an interesting option...

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcobia View Post
    How is it in terms of reliability, and has anyone experienced issues with certain types of ammo? (other than the steel case type that noffsinger mentioned earlier in this thread)
    There have been issues with ammo. There is a thread on the Boberg web site listing ammo that does and does not work. IIRC, the issues have been mostly from hard primers and poorly/or not crimped rounds. I think maybne some issues with the shape of some hollowpoints. If you look at the action firing, you will see that the next round is not stripped from the magazine when the action moves forward. It is actually picked up while the action is moving backwards and extracting the spent brass. If there is a bad crimp, the fresh round can yank the case faster than the bullet can follow (the mass/inertia thing). This mechanism is also the reason there can be a longer barrel than in a normal gun with this overall size; hence somewhat more muzzle energy.

    The gun is manufactured to very tight standards and generally needs to be broken in to become reliable. It smooths out noticeably. YMMV. 100+ rounds. Being an entirely new invention, there have been little issues uncovered as more people get their hands on them. The manufacturer is extremely good about fixing or upgrading as necessary. And you may get to converse with the owner/designer of the company.

    And no, I don't work for Boberg. But I was one of the people on the 1 1/2 year wait list.

    As an aside to recoil. I have fired a revolver using 9mm. It was not an ultra light revolver. It is way more annoying to fire than the Boberg.

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