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Thread: How did you feel/what was going through your head.

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    The first place I ever went into was Target, and that was mostly just to try and see how it felt. After walking in the door, I went to the restroom just to check and see how things were working. No I walked around the store and got used to the feeling of having a loaded pistol strapped to my side, all the while thinking..."Wow, these people would completely freak out if they knew."

    It's kind of like dating or taking an inbound call from an angry customer, though. It's really only scary the first time or two. After that, it's no big deal. You never forget that it's there of course, but you tend to focus more on the tactical considerations in day-to-day activities...keeping your draw hand free, maintaining good access, etc.

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    Sorry for misreading your original post. When you get your pistol, post pics of the gun and if you can, post pics of the target you shoot at with it on your first trip to the range with it.

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