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Thread: Another irresponsible parent should be indicted for murder - Nevada School Shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by superprincess View Post
    wolf_fire , these numbers are from the internet. I am sure the government doesn't really want us to know how many school shootings there actually are. We all know the government keeps secrets, for instance area 51 and Fort Knox. Is the gold actually still there? I have my doubts.
    I realize that you most likely got your numbers from the Internet. I posted them to support your claim (see my thread again). My point is, if we have these numbers and have a known source that can verify the numbers are completely inaccurate, we cannot rely on those numbers to make any sort of point as to whether school shootings are increasing, decreasing, or staying about the same. I will tend to say that I certainly hear about more of them on the news. Does that necessarily mean they are on the rise?

    The only point that can be made with those numbers is people who are unarmed are being shot and killed. Since we can attest that students and faculty are sitting ducks then give the faculty their right to self defense back.

    Also, I mentioned nothing about the government. In fact, the sources from the site I posted are mostly news sources. I also mentioned that the news never reported the shootings at the school I taught at. Your beef about "hiding things" and "conspiracies" is with the media then. Unless of course, your source, which you never told us or shared with us, was government data.
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    Another gun free zone shooting, while tragic, I hope it wakes up the Politicians in our nations capital. There is a trend here they have been ignoring for way too many years. Although its assumed this teen had easy access to his parents weapons, key word is assumed, and you can not always blame the parents for their children's actions much like a child committing suicide due to bullying, this may very well be one of those episodes where a teen snaps due to bullying, or our recent societies change in child disciplinary actions.

    When I was a kid [not too many years ago] if I screwed up good enough, I had gotten my butt whooped as where today, kids are so protected, parents can no longer do it, now were supposed to give them a "time out" or what ever. Society its self is to blame for todays youth actions, you can blame it on the video games and the movies, but when do we look at the real issues here? No discipline, no supervision, gun free zones, all of these issues brought to the attention of our nations leaders in one fashion or another and every time, they blame the gun. A gun is a useless tool until put into the hands of a man or woman.
    I am sure we havent heard the last of this issue here, but we can not jump to conclusions until the official report pops out. This one will be interesting to say the least.
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    The only time out that I ever received was the time between my spanking and the start of extra chores for what I did. It made me a better person and my Dad is still my best friend now. Its high time we go back to those days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superprincess View Post
    Most states have a law against texting when driving. As for the under the influence when driving, I would hope the parent would exercise good judgment and not provide their teenager with a car, if the teen shows him or herself as being irresponsible, meaning a bad attitude, refusing to help with chores, all around bad manners, neglecting school work, choice of friends can also say a lot about a person.
    You know what they say why soar with turkeys when you can fly with eagles. :)
    I agree, but however there is always that one time. Kids will do stupid things, I did. But my parents were not the one that were at fault. I just never got caught, however if I did I knew the consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    Even if the parents aren't arrested for their negligence, then I hope the families of the victims take everything they have from them in civil court, just like their son took everything from that teacher.

    When, oh when, will states realize that taking away peoples' rights to defend themselves always ends up poorly for the victims, not the criminals?
    2 Interesting points here.
    If my son were dead from no matter what the cause, I would have already lost more than anyone could ever take from me.
    and secondly, Negligence Charges because a Minor was allowed to access a firearm? This from someone who advocates ANYONE should be able to own a gun?
    No Charges needed here.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  7. You can bet that if the gun was not secured by the parents, the chances of the next form of gun control will be a Federal law requiring mandatory storage of all guns. They could easily copy CA law and it probably would pass without too much compromise.

  8. ABSOLUTELY!! Why are parents being irresponsible, by placing guns in the reach of their kids??

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    As noted earlier, this is not simple. However, if it was simple negligence by the parents by not teaching their kids and allowing them access without restraint; well that makes it harder on the rest of us. Then there's the whole upbringing piece; who taught the child that shooting someone was the right way to go when you don't like them? What caused the kid to snap like that? The child eventually killed himself, how does that happen at that age?!? No matter what happens from here on out, it is a tragedy. Everyone lost in this one, and as usual lately; no answers. God help us from ourselves.
    In Peace, Tom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    The rebellion, violence and immorality of our youth began when the teaching of creation & prayer were banned in our children's classrooms. Instead, they're taught in school that they are freaks of nature having evolved from animals, and when they act like animals we just can't figure out why.

    ~ We Reap What We Sow, More Than What We Sow, Later Than We Sow ~
    Teaching them fairy tales is not the solution, parents taking responsibility and actually parenting is.

    Why would any sane parent teach the nonsense of creation to a child, willful ignorance begets ignorance.
    “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” ― Steven Weinberg

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    I will bet that when all the dust settles it will come out that this kid was on Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft or some other SSRI drug. That seems to be the common denominator these days. Doctors pass these drugs out like they are green M&M's. Your child won't do his homework better give them Zoloft.
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    but I repeat myself.
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