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    XDS Recall

    Has anyone got their Springfield XDS back from recall?

  3. I have not but according to another forums report they are coming back and owners are receiving them.

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  4. FedEx is delivering my XDs .45 today. SA got it on 9/3 at 9:58.

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    I just bought one a couple weeks ago and haven't sent it in yet and probably won't until a majority have been sent back to their owners. I am curious if anyone else has done the same or have had any problems before recall? I am reluctant to carry with one in the pipe but since the recall is voluntary and they say it's very rare an unsafe condition would exist I just may go for it. I haven't even shot the darn thing yet. Haven't had the time or extra ammo. Anyway here is an article on the upgrade and it seems very positive,

    Springfield Armory XD-S Recall ? Update & Review of Upgraded Guns
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    ezkl2230 Guest
    Here is the video Springfield posted with their latest FAQ update:

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