.22 cci mini mag in stock.
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Thread: .22 cci mini mag in stock.

  1. .22 cci mini mag in stock.

    .22 cci in stock @cabellas in Ft.Worth, Tx tonight 10/23/13 runs for about $9.00 per 100 rd. Box . Limit 1 box per customer per day.

  3. I saw tons of CCI Mini Mags in stock at the Kansas City Cabelas a couple of weeks ago. Two shelves, about 7 feet long, completely full, each stacked about 8 boxes high, with an equal amount behind the front boxes. It was more .22LR than I had seen in months, yet they were limiting purchases to one box each. Even Walmart will let you have 2 or 3, depending on location, and they never have anywhere near that much.

  4. Walmarts have a mobile app so you can know what is in stock but the stores vary greatly when it comes to the times of day they put their ammunition on the shelves and in the amount you can purchase. There was one in my area in South Carolina that went from a total of one box of any kind of ammo per day to all you want allowing you to buy a case of CCI mini mag if you are the first one there and want it.

  5. It's pretty bad around here, Bedford, IN. They have a preson at Dunham's sports tell Charlie's Swap Shop which morning of the week the 22 LR will be sold. So Charlie sends his employes and their friend's over to Dunham's store a little after 7:00 AM, the store opens at 9:00AM. This way their in the front of the line and purchase every brick Dunham's have in stock. It's limited to one brick person. They take the bricks back to Charlie's Swap Shop. The same bricks, they just pruchased for $23.99 at Dunham's Sports then get sold at Charlie's. Charlie's marks them up to $60.00 a brick as they come in the door. This really burns my butt. You all have a nice day. As for me I'm burning up just thinking about it.

  6. If people would stop buying 22lr on gunbroker there would be all kinds of 22lr to buy.

  7. I would never pay $60.00 for a $20.00 brick DONT BUY 22lr ON GUNBROKER!!!!!!!!!!!

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