what is the best to carry ?
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Thread: what is the best to carry ?

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    Cool what is the best to carry ?

    I have a .45 ACP 1911 and sig .380 want to use a inside the pants.. I would like a deep conceal holster for the 5" 1911 that I can sit and drive ... the 380 would be easier
    need advice... help !

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    Do they both have enough power to go through a National Geographic Magazine? If so then you can carry whatever one you feel comfortable with. If it goes through a paper magazine it will go through skin. It all boils down to what is comfortable to conceal. I have found that the full size 1911's are a little bulky for me but I'm short and fat so find out what works for you. I would take it (unloaded) to a store that has holsters and try some on for size and comfort.

  4. Whichever gun you are most accurate with is the most logical choice. The next consideration is which one will you actually carry every day?

    Edit: In other words, exactly what CoolClownFish said while I was typing

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    There is an old adage about having your cake and eating it too. A 1911 vs a 380 is a classic case in point. I would love to have the power of a 45, the ease of handling of a 1911, lo recoil, low weight. small size, and total comfort when driving--all with a mag containing more than 10 cartridges (just because of the fanatics on gun control and their fascination with mag size)--and all for under $300. Ain't going to happen. Comparing a 1911 and a 380 is just not comparing anything. You have to make your own decision based on your own experience and your own "feel" for the best and worst of these firearms and any other firearm you may try. There is just no "one size fits everything everyone wants". After all of this, there is the issue of a host of holsters--each having their own good points and bad points. You just have to do some due diligence--at least you can get pointed in hopefully the right direction by some on this forum. A good gun shop and gun shows are good places to see and try varied options.

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    Kind of like asking what is the best car?

    Carry what you shoot!
    Folks ask why I carry two guns...Well if I did not I'd be off balance and walk in circles!

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    all are good answers at 20 ft either will group at or around a 2"bull the Sig Sauer P 232 has the tightest group and it is double action


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