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    A Friend of mine who is right handed and right eye dominant has recently had blood pooling behind his right eye resulting in his inability to use his right eye for shooting.
    Does anyone know if there is a special scope mount for rifles to move the scope to the left on the rifle, and, if there is a traditional way to retrain yourself to use the left eye while shooting right handed with handguns?
    We recently went to the range to try to figure this out but, it turned into a more negative experience for him.
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    I'm right handed. I used to be right-eye dominant, until I had a retinal dettachment and macular hole in my right eye. Now I'm cross-eye domiant with handguns (ambi really.. but left eye dominant and primarily right handed) and a lefty with a rifle out of necessity.

    You just have to practice and train to be a lefty with a rifle. The scope should be centered on the rifle, so you can do it with either hand without much issue. All you have to do is get creative with things like the mag release, charging handle, bolt, forward assist, etc. There is a fully left-handed AR upper on the market but it's not cheap. There are ambi mods for the AR platform for most things, too, which is the eisier solution. Lefties may also prefer a piston AR as opposed to DI, since that way you don't get the ejection port and gas blowback right in the face every round. Pistons are much 'cleaner' operating weapons for a lefty with the AR platform.

    Anyway, scope, you just need to adjust it for where you're comfy holding the rifle. the mounts are usually centered so there isn't really a lefty scope mount per se, that I know. I use red dots more than scopes these days though since I do more tactical work than precision with rifle.

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    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
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