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  1. What is Robar and their NP3 finish?

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    I had not heard of it either, but this is a link to their website, which explains it:

    NP3 Firearm Finish | Robar Guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohdah View Post
    What is Robar and their NP3 finish?
    Robar is a custom gun company that made their name with special finishes like NP3. NP3 is a teflon impregnated electroless nickel finish. Just Google Robar and their website will come up.

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    Got mine yestereday. Only a week wait! Of course Jim Debney (CEO of S&W) is coming to town for a sports banquet. Scuttle butt is S&W is fulfilling all backorders with the sponsoring gun store so there won't be an disgruntled customers.

    I really like it as far as I can tell dry-firing. Larger, of course then my Ruger LCP, but so much better gun and caliber. Sights really stand out. Of course they aren't as low as other small guns. The action is much better than any of my Glocks. Feels very crisp and a relatively short and definitive reset. No false reset as other guns have. It'll be Friday before I can get to the range and wring it out.

    Have a Crossbreed Mini-tuck on order, but they are 3-4 weeks backlogged right now. I may have to find a cheap Uncle Mike's so I can start carrying it.

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    Take a look at Sneaky Pete holster; I use one for my Shield .40. Like it. Accessible and relatively inconspicuous.

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