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Thread: Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?

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    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
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    The question is "CAN it lead to recklessness?" Depending on the person, it's possible. It shouldn't and in most cases it doesn't.
    If anything, I'm less reckless than I was before I started carrying. Even though I wouldn't hesitate to use it if necessary, I worry that any recklessness would cause me to lose my carry license and I don't want that.
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    I voted sometimes - for others. For me, no way. Sticks and stones.... Weapon is last resort, although that said I'm not letting the BG within striking distance without the weapon ready. I know the laws in my state regarding showing of the weapon, but if it comes out I'm ready to use it. But in response to insults or road rage? Oh heck no. Shooting for such a trivial matter, stupid squared!

    Keep your SA radar going but I'm LESS likely to act rashly while armed. MUCH LESS.
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  5. I don't go places or take any risks I wouldn't before!! Safety first!! I carry almost always now and I have to admit that I'm on my best behavior because of carrying!!

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    As for me, carrying has made me more civil. Let me explain.

    I didn't do it often, but when I was faced with a person who wanted to debate a topic I was interested in, I would engage in it and often times it would get rather emotionally charged. Sometimes, the arguments would get personally attacking. This is not a personality trait I was proud of. But no harm, no foul is what I thought back when I was younger.

    Since I started carrying, as some have mentioned I have become extra vigilant in knowing my surroundings and being cognizant of possible confrontations. I avoid them now. It is easier on me, it is less stressful, and it has made me a more polite person. I also am able to remain focused on my surroundings.

    So if the question only pertains to me, then I would say, absolutely not; carrying a firearm has made me a less reckless and more polite person.

    However, if the question is for any person, then I could easily see someone who does not have a strong confidence and someone who is unstable carrying a firearm for extra courage. This could lead to this person reaching for his/her firearm when he/she should not do so. However, statistics are not on this type of person's side. We hear of many many more reports of the stable, law-abiding citizen who uses their firearm appropriately than we do of someone who doesn't.

    So in summation, firearms create a polite society not a reckless one.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
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  7. nice try

    Quote Originally Posted by GlassWolf View Post
    That is actually incorrect. I can't recall the name for it, but there is a lot of documentation that essentially validates things like wearing a seat-belt or a helmet leading to someone behaving more recklessly, driving or riding faster than they would without the safety gear, etc.. This is pretty much the same argument.
    I understand what you were trying to say however its position wrong. Kids do try harder stunts with safety gear because it will protect them when they do stupid a dangerous things. Safety gear is made to be used. The goal of the gun? ... not to be used during a stupid stunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpb1310 View Post
    I understand what you were trying to say however its position wrong. Kids do try harder stunts with safety gear because it will protect them when they do stupid a dangerous things. Safety gear is made to be used. The goal of the gun? ... not to be used during a stupid stunt.
    Fair enough, but unfortunately that's open to the interpretation of the carrier of the firearm, and much like drinking booze, having a gun does embolden some people. I'm not saying it's right, it just happens. Granted, people like you and I aren't the sort that would act thus. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to put yourself in the shoes of stupid people. hehe
    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
    Robert A. Heinlein

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    Carrying hasn't changed my behavior at all; I still avoid the same places, and have never been confrontational. For most, I've seen the responsibility involved with carrying is taken very seriously, and people make better, safer choices, just the way wolf_fire described.

    Last night, however, I was in a class where someone said now that he carried, he was much braver and would feel confident going places he otherwise wouldn't. This was a Self Protection and Criminal Avoidance class and not dealing with guns, but the instructor did immediately say (in a very humorous manner), "No no no! Avoid the paperwork! Avoid the paperwork!" basically stating that getting in to a dangerous situation where you'd have to defend yourself involved not getting home safely any time soon that night. Hopefully that guy's mind was changed. Awesome class, btw... taught by Marc MacYoung.

    So carrying can go both ways... most people become even more responsible than they were, I think, but there are a few who get overconfident.
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  10. Just about any good concealed carry instructor will tell you, an educated gun carrier usually makes more of a point to steer clear of trouble and doesn't whip it out at the first sign of trouble. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me feel a little more comfortable in situations (like dark parking lots or secluded areas, that's probably cause I'm a girl) but it also makes me more cautious of my surroundings. I'm sure there's some idiots that think they're invincible cause they carry concealed.

  11. I always find it curious that the "some people" comments are generally always worried about other peoples possible bad actions and never or rarely responsibility to them selves. Just because somebody "May" do something stupid doesn't mean that the difference between an responsible carrier and a bad carrier boils down to that persons bad hair day. I also find it wrong when people say they are even more saintly while carrying. "Would I be less inclined to engage in heated rhetoric with neighbors,friends or certainly strangers?" Respectful and kindness toward others. This should be how you live your life.
    If a CCW holder goes to a part of town where they would normally not venture may look bad to a prosecutor. They are going to investigate your time line and the places you frequent. If you have a incident in the "bad" part of town at 2 am in a dark ally with drug uses and heavy prostitution, it's going to be hard to explain why you are there. If you are doing something illegal even in a Stand Your Ground State you are going to be behind the power curve to justify defense shooting.

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