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Thread: Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?

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    I didn't vote because the question just doesn't make sense to me.
    So sorry,Blues. Maybe Einstein or Nero Wolfe can explain it.

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    I think the exact opposite is true. I'm more likely to stay away from "bad" areas, keeping away from those places that look dicey and going to them is just like inviting trouble. I carry not to look for trouble but to defend myself and my family and I believe that part of that protecting is staying away from those areas altogether.

    CCL/CWP/CHL w/e acronym you want to hang on it: Carriers are probably the safest and most law-abiding citizens out there.

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    The person that recognizes that they alone are ultimately responsible for defending themselves and family are much less likely to be reckless than the idiots that go merrily along with full expectations that having an alarm system at home and knowing the number to 911 is all they need to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Blue View Post
    So sorry,Blues. Maybe Einstein or Nero Wolfe can explain it.
    So it would take a dead genius-physicist to explain why the question should make sense? If that was intended to be a knock on my intelligence, what does it say about you that you couldn't just explain it without invoking the name of the presumptive smartest man to ever live?

    As far as looking to Nero Wolfe for an explanation, I never consider the "thought-processes" of fictional characters.

    I think the question was worded poorly. Why carrying a gun would "lead" someone to engage in recklessness is not a premise that makes sense to me. I tried to answer as best I could as to what I *thought* you were trying to get at, but at the bottom line, people are either reckless types of personalities or they're not. The gun doesn't make them reckless anymore than the cell phone in their pocket or the gas pedal under their right foot.

    Wasn't trying to be offensive or a smart-ass, just trying to explain why I didn't vote in the poll. (?)

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    Wasn't trying to be offensive or a smart-ass, just trying to explain why I didn't vote in the poll. (?)

    I understand. All is cool. Especially with the Red Sox winning trophy #8! Nero,Alfred and I stand down! Blues Reigns in Nawlins,Memphis and the world!

    You are the man!

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    I am going to be honest with this, and this reason was what got me started on getting my permit, my wife and I ride a motorcycle, and there has been a few instinces where a driver in a car was less than friendly on the road, most of the time it was no big deal to get away, but one day a dude got real ill, and I swear I have no idea what I may have done to piss this guy off to the degree that he was trying to crowd me off the road, after a bit of cat and mouse, (I was a better rider than he was a driver) I did get away, he could not drive his car down a sidewalk, and I have to say if that exact same situation was to happen today or if my wife was with me that car would have been several 45 cal holes in it, I have spoken with a lawyer about this, and if a car goes after a motorcycle that assault with a deadly weapon, although the lawyer and the cops said it would help my side to have had witness's concerning the OPs question I would say yes and no that carrying makes you braver, to me it would depend on the situation
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Blue View Post
    So sorry,Blues. Maybe Einstein or Nero Wolfe can explain it.
    Complete and utter childishness. Coyote, you ask for people's opinions with a poll of your own construction. Someone gives their opinion and you ridicule them. This I cannot understand, and I don't need you, a dead physicist, or a fictional detective to help me get a clue either. The only clue here that someone needs to get is by you.

    Why would you ridicule any response that you have so deliberately tried to assuage by constructing an Internet forum poll?
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    I never thought that carrying made me reckless, but I have seen some reckless behavior from people that were carrying.

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    Perhaps instead of trying to phrase the question in the broadest terms possible, thereby making it so vague that it cannot be accurately answered by any individual, the question would have been better asked as, "Does carrying a firearm make you behave recklessly?"

    This would ask you, the reader how you behave, instead of asking the reader to put himself in the shoes of every person on Earth with a firearm collectively.
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    People who are reckless tend to get themselves into trouble or even killed, so I answered 'No'.

    Are some people reckless?

    The answer is 'Yes', unfortunately.
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