Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?

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Thread: Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?

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    Can Carrying a Gun Lead to Recklessness?

    Ana Veciana-Suarez wrote a absorbing column several months ago in the Miami Herald with this title. The link seems have been vaporized or I would link it.

    But to sum up Ana's ideas, she is basically pro gun, and like my own children, a first generation Cuban, whose parents fled Castro. As with all Dictators, Fidel's first move was to disarm the Cuban populace."Armas,for what",said Fidel.

    Ana feels that guns are basically good, but that everyday carry can lead into decisions and situations where perhaps, without a weapon, we would not normally make or venture; at night driving through a dicey neighborhood, going to the 7-11 at the midnight hour.

    Perhaps throwing the bird in traffic at an aggressive Miami driver. Which is almost every Miami driver! Perhaps a heated argument with a neighbor over their dog or overhanging fruit trees.

    I see Ana's point to a degree. Some people do overreach carrying a legal firearm. Perhaps I do. Every night I run 4 miles up and down Miami Beach. At my mainland home, in my small village,the same. Anything can happen at 1 AM. Or at 1 PM.

    Would I be as confident venturing without my handgun at odd hours? Would I be less inclined to engage in heated rhetoric with neighbors,friends or certainly strangers?

    I am really divided in my thoughts. I do believe my common sense and the great responsible of carrying a lethal weapon will keep me under control. I just pray that the time never comes to test out that resolve.

    Your thoughts,USA Carry? This is one of the crucial issues for all of the millions of us carrying guns in America every single day of our lives.. IMO,of course.

    I'll do a poll as an adjunct .

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    ezkl2230 Guest
    No. I take no more risks today than when I began to carry a few years ago. Carrying has always been about one thing for me - protecting my family and myself in the places we frequent or our home. If anything, carrying gives me yet another reason to steer clear of bad situations if at all possible. Just don't back me into a corner or enter my property with evil intent.

  4. There is no room for reckless behavior. CHCL holders by a vast majority, are law-abiding citizens, and by virtue of the responsibility that comes with carrying, aren't reckless.

    Our own sheriff in Northwest Arkansas teaches concealed carry courses, and he wants every law-abiding citizen to carry, if they feel the need.

    There are bad apples in every crowd, but fortunately, a very small minority.

    As ezkl2230 above mentioned, I also tend to shy away from personal confrontation. What's the point?

    If one has to project an aggressive demeanor dealing with the public, he has no business with firearms.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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    Carrying a gun does not make you more reckless, if anything it forces you to be more aware of your situation and surroundings to avoid potential problems.

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    dstryr Guest
    Carrying any weapon should make you more aware of your surroundings and influence better choices on where to go or not go, but statistically, just like alcohol is liquid courage to some drinkers, I believe there will some who carry a weapon and become more brave.

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    This is kind of a loaded question here. This would depend on who is carrying and what their current mental state is. What I mean by that is are they having a bad day? are they normally a confrontational type of person? All that would fctor in but as for me (and most CCW holders I hope) we have learned that it is not something that we can afford to make a mistake on. Yes if a new carrier has a god complex I could see it but for the most part no.

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    Guns are inanimate objects. They can be neither good or bad. Being inanimate objects also makes them incapable of affecting behavior of the individual who carries one.

    It all boils down to a persons attitude & personality. A gun will potentially make a reckless person more dangerous as they carry out their irresponsible behaviors. But, they can NOT in and of themselves make a person more reckless or irresponsible.

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    Trick question. It entiely depends on the person. The overwhelming majority, and by that I mean nearly all people with a concealed carry license are, and are taught to be even more cautious than when unarmed for a number of reasons.
    Now, if you are asking with people like gang members thrown into the mix, and violent felons who violate the law by carrying firearms, then sure, some people are more reckless when armed.
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  10. I have been more of a lurker on this site as my post count will illustrate (I have always thought it better to be thought a fool then to open my mouth and remove all doubt) however, this is a subject that is not something I can let pass without comment. If carrying a gun gives you as the op put it a "god complex" please unload your firearm and lock it up.

    As a gun carrying member of society the only thing that should be more terrifying than using your gun against another is what would happen if you didn't use it.

    It has been said on here many times, and have used this line when asked why I carry every day, if I knew when I was going to need my gun I would stay in bed that day.
    I can not fathom a situation I would go into only because I have a gun.

    Maybe I have removed the doubt of my fooldom or maybe not, but I will slink back to background hoping I don't run into someone with a gun and a complex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Guns are inanimate objects. They can be neither good or bad. Being inanimate objects also makes them incapable of affecting behavior of the individual who carries one.
    That is actually incorrect. I can't recall the name for it, but there is a lot of documentation that essentially validates things like wearing a seat-belt or a helmet leading to someone behaving more recklessly, driving or riding faster than they would without the safety gear, etc.. This is pretty much the same argument.
    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
    Robert A. Heinlein

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