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    Talked to the Ruger Rep and he said the SR22 makes a good paper weight.
    Being one of four gunsmiths in the shop, we have had to work on very few 22 pistols. the mosquito we usually send them back to sig for replacement and the walther P22. Especially the P22, it's one 22 I would never own.

    FYI .....If anyone out there has a walther p22. You should google " p22 bible" and follow it to make the p22 decent and reliable.
    Don't have a P22 but I do have a PK380, which as in sure you know is basically the exact same gun. I couldn't agree with you more, is is the most annoying gun I've ever worked on/ owned.

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    A friend bought the Mosquito and brought it out to my place to shoot it. After a good cleaning we ran 100 rds of CCI minimags through it and then an assortment of other brands. Worked perfect. I do agree with the poster above about only getting one magazine, sort of sucks.

    I have the Ruger SR22 and love it. You might consider it. Came with 2 mags.

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    I love my p22. Shoots great. No problems with this gun. I also own the mosquito. I prefer my p22 over it due to the weight. Both are great guns. P22 does prefer CCI mini mags but will shoot Federal as well. I do make sure to clean after each time at the range. Each his own.


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    He is 15 and loves to shoot his dad and i take him to the range every chance we get.

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    I traded my Sig for an SR22...

    The Sig is an okay pistol. It's picky about ammo and prefers the high velocity stuff but, was accurate enough for plinking. It was comfortable to shoot/handle and is light weight. To aid feeding I polished the ramp, which helped in that respect. The extractor was a poor fit and actually didn't hold on to the case for more than a few milimeters during extraction... this is why it requires high velocity rounds, to eject the brass by force alone. I traded it b/c I don't want a plinking .22lr that requires expensive .22lr, that sorta defeated the purpose and I needed a more reliable option. I am much happier with the SR22, I would recommend the Ruger over the Sig.

    The SR22 comes with two mags and the Sig only one... and mags are more expensive... just another downside of the Sig.
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