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Thread: Ammo? What's up with that?

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    Ha! And I just got a brand new Ruger MarkIII yesterday! DIdn't know the .22 was in shortage too, I've been having trouble finding 9mm for my XD until recently, and when I decide to get a 22 for practice, it goes on shortage...I just ordered a box of 325 from before they are gone. Overpriced but at least that will help me get started...

    Oh, an Hello! :)

  3. People are still panic buying, others are hoarding, some are buying to resell. There are many YouTube videos on the subject.

    .22 LR is definitely the hardest calibre to find in my area. No shortage of 9mm at WalMart, just not at the price I'm willing to pay. I got several 100 round tins of TulAmmo Brassmax for around $23 the first time I was looking, so that's my personal benchmark. That fires fine, so why pay more? This week one local WalMart has had steel cased TulAmmo for around $10.50 for 50, so I grabbed a few of those. They fire fine, though I've read that steel case is considered dirtier in your gun. At less than half the cost of anything else I can get though, I'll accept dirty.

    Every other pistol calibre seems in good supply, but I don't buy them.

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    UPDATE!! Found the ammo!

    Check out these links!

    Products listed in 22 RIMFIRE

    FindMeAmmo- Find Ammo for Sale - Cheap and In Stock

    Have about 500 rounds headed my way! Yea!
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    It took me 5 months before I was able to score 9mm in FMJ at WalMart. .22 was never a problem though.

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    Gander Mtn. sent a flyer announcing big handgun ammo sale this weekend.

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    It's hoarding without doubt. (or buying to resell -- the same as hoarding). Anyone who knows rudimentary economics can understand that.
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