I was out at Asymmetric Solutions on Saturday with my son and they let us take their MP5 K for some fun. We could have shot at steel torso targets or paper, but there was a car just asking for a good spraying, so....guess what we spent most of our time shooting.

The MP5K is really an amazing little submachine gun. It is an HK so that means it is built like a tank, but so compact! And talk about fun to shoot. Wow. Obviously because it of the 9mm chambering the recoil is something you hardly notice but because it is full auto you do have to keep the muzzle rise under control or it can get away from you. I love the front foregrip. You just have to be careful to keep the fingers away from the muzzle.

Here's a video with some highlights from our time with it.

HK MP5 K PDW Full Auto Demonstration and Overview - YouTube