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    Quote Originally Posted by ORberetta101 View Post

    Just found out that .40 was voted as the second most used concealed caliber; why is .40 so easy to come by?
    To actually address your question, This is my WAG. I think most people that have anything chambered in .40 also have guns in 9mm. If you agree then my reason for saying that there is more .40 around is that: First you said that .40 is the second most popular caliber for concealed carry. By that definition there is less sold (give me a sec here I understand supply and demand). I do believe there are more firearms out there chambered in 9mm. therefore more sold.
    The overall reason I believe there is more demand for and harder to find 9mm is the cost factor. Costs less to burn a few hundred rounds at the range and for those that are stocking up thousands of rounds it sure is less costly when you find 9mm. I am sure people stockpile .40 but not as much in sheer numbers as 9s.
    As with .22 when available most people wouldn't think twice about buying 1650 rounds. (3 boxes at 550 per). Just my $5, adjusted for the upcoming hyper inflation!
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    XD40sc is my most frequent carry. When I need a lighter, and thinner gun for my carry, it an XDS9.
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  4. My carry gun is a Smith and Wesson M&P40c, I love the 40 s&w, but then again I am a former machine gunner in the USMC and have been shooting all my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    To compare apples to apples, the .40S&W needs compared to a 9mm +P or +P+ round. One of the things about the .40S&W is that it is really loaded to a +P level from the start.
    Not all 9mm are rated to +p pressures. Apples to apples is a comparison of how they are without the attempt to compensate for shortcomings.

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    I have and love, my FS S&W M&P .40 caliber. It has been my carry gun for a while. I just purchased a Springfield Armory XD .45 to be my NEW primary carry with my .40 cal regulated to back-up duty.
    The XD .45 packs 13 + 1 into a service size weapon and it feels great in my hands.
    I got off track here so I will point out that my .40 cal was carried more than my nine on a regular basis. I just love what the .40 caliber brings to the table.

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    I am 63 and some days I have aches in my right shoulder. Right now i have no problem with my Ruger SR40C Maybe if muscular problems get worse ill look into something lighter. Till then I would like a second .40S&W firearm and i am thinking of a FNS or FNX 40 (Similar to a Glock G23)

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