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Thread: Is my gun still considered concealed

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    If the tip of my holster is visible and not any part of the weapon shows is my firearm still considered concealed and legal?
    in many states the answer would be no and in some states carrying like that can get you a heap of problems with the law.
    In FLA, carrying like that could possibly get you arrested

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    So... why not just use a IWB holster?
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    If someone asked me about a lump under my clothes I would ask, "Why, do you empty colostomy bags for a living and if so, how much do you charge?". Then I would walk away shaking my head in disgust. Lumps under clothing are concealed (Unless you are wearing something like a body speedo - yikes- then it likely will still get you into trouble) . Weapons and holsters hanging out are not concealed, even if only partially. Trying to get around that fact is nit picking and could get you into trouble. Just a liberal use of common sense will keep you from a lot of grief.
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    Re :XD40scinNC

    Why would you even respond to a civilian that would ask about a lump or bump under your clothing. I can think of a lo responses, but NOYFB is the first to come to mind.

    Is that a 3-speed holster? I like them because you are not depending on your clothing to support the weight of the gun, which allows much more comfortable/casual clothing options, sweats, nylon shorts, etc.

    Yes it is and I wear mine about 18 hours a day.

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