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    Any thoughts on the rugar lcr 38 sp. As a concealed carry gun or just in general. Found a great deal on one and I'm thinking about buying.

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    It's a pretty good little gun. I bought one for my wife a few years ago to use as her concealed carry gun. It has quite a bit of kick with the +P ammo and actually hurts her (very small and bony) hand to shoot more than three or four shots. She still carries it because of its concealability, but she doesn't like to shoot it more than occasionally to keep in practice with it. On the other hand, when we took our CCP class together, I used it and qualified while used our S&W M&P 9c, which she loves to shoot.
    Alan, TN

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    The LCR .39 Special is hard on recoil with +P ammo but what about with lighter ammo?

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    My buddy has a Ruger LCR.... he does not let anyone shoot it.. me i'd love one.

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    I shot one with standard range ammo. It is not a gun I would want for regular shooting. It was light and was comfortable in my hand. I bought a Sig P938 and love it. I can shoot it all day.

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