Clerk shot, returns fire and kills robber
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Thread: Clerk shot, returns fire and kills robber

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    Clerk shot, returns fire and kills robber

    Another good ending. The story says she should recover.

    Female clerk shot during robbery, returns fire killing the suspect (VIDEO)
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    GOOD!!! One more dead slimeball. No more crimes for this guy, may very well have saved some other decent citizen's life.

    My prayers will be with the clerk.

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    I was originally from Toledo, Good shootin from the good girl!
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    How many people read that Shockley was in a half-way house? That means he was still incarcerated but could go out to work, get educated, etc. This means it would have been illegal for him to have a firearm. Hmmm, another firearm law that doesn't work.

    I'm glad the clerk will be fine and I'm glad she was able to defend herself.
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    And they say all guns are bad...I think the clerk would disagree.
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

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