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    My wife and I are fortunate that the 12 acres we just bought in eastern Tennessee has a depression running roughly through the middle of it.

    That gives us a perfect place to shoot with built-in backstops (down where the hay bales are). The house will be built up on the flat part in the background.
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    For handguns this is some of my targets:

    They are on the power line right-away going to a piece of property that I own.

    For rifles I can shoot to over 1,200 yards. I wish I had a better pic:

    Nothing fancy. I just use nature as a backstop.


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    For a "back yard" range I would recommend at least a dump truck load or two of sand or dirt. I don't think tires are what I would use. Depending on the caliber, a round could go through them and continue on for a good ways. Also you need to check your state and local laws about how far you need to be away from all houses, buildings and animals, to shoot a gun.

  5. If you are not fortunate enough to have a natural valley then I would have some dirt brought in. It sends a good message that you are being pre-cautious as well as giving you peace of mind. Hope it all works out for you.

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    Ok, I get the bit about laws, neighbors, etc.... The tires are huge earth movers, 6 foot diameters, I plan on dirt covering but I'm more concerned about the bullets bouncing back. Or is that NOT a possibility? So far the bullets seem to penetrate the first section but not the second thus being traped in the center.
    I just wonder about them bouncing....
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    nice land

  8. You really need to know 'what is safe' before you go ahead with shooting on your property. What is safe is not a guessing game of maybe 2 rows or tires or 3 is enough, etc. There are definitive rules defining what is and what is not safe. Just because a local barney fife cop is ignorant of what is or is not safe is not enough to protect you if you kill a neighbor. Many of the replies you get on a forum like this will be horribly unsafe - research it yourself. googling range design by government agencies, NRA, and a nra designer named C Vargas among others.

    Do you have a place on your property that has a hill behind it for your backstop that is at least 18 feet tall? Does that hill then have 3-5000 feet of YOUR PROPERTY (not the navies or armies or states or neighbors) behind it that no one will be walking on without your permission? Is the 18' backstop WIDE enough on both sides to stop errant bullets? 5-10 degree minimum?

    Research how far each of those bullets can go. Comments are often made that 'I just shoot pistols not rifles so don't have to worry about them going far.' I will not list the miles a 22 or 45 pistol will send a bullet - research it so you KNOW.

    If answer to these are not all true, then google 'blue sky rule' and see that you will need to baffle all potential bullet paths past your range.

    Not to be a party pooper, but we live in the country on 100's of acres, shoot 1000's of bullet a year, and as more and more city folk move to the country and decide they can shoot on their 2 acre plots - with a 12" stump set at their back property line, using their neighbors as the real backstop, I am afraid I get plenty mad at home made ranges where folks have no clue how far bullets go. Even when they tell the local cop "but I never miss & the dumb as_ is stupid to not believe them!"

    Good for you to be researching this! If in the end you decide to shoot into a few tires or stumps at your neighbors property line at least you will have the knowledge of what you do wrong. If you do it right, I commend you!

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