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    Hope you win your appeal. Sorry to hear you got denied. I agree, with a denial, there needs to be a reason listed rather than just some Generic denial letter they print your address on, if they posted a reason, you could obviously get paperwork together proving them wrong. Then again, its a denial to carry a firearm, Im sure the libtards would rather have the ball in their court on that one.
    Best of luck to ya. Hope to hear your appeal went though.
    Thanks for the well-wishes :)

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    ezkl2230 Guest
    MD is a "May Issue" state that requires a "good-and-substantial-reason" in order to obtain a concealed pistol license. The US District Court for Maryland had set this aside in an early 2012 ruling, but then the Fourth Circuit Court re-instated the requirement. The Fourth Circuit Court used to be considered one of the most conservative of all the circuit courts -- "aggressively conservative" according to an article published by the NY Times in 2003. Since Obama took office, however, and filled four empty seats with his picks, the court now has one of the most liberal track records. When he took office, there were 11 judges sitting, and four open seats in the Fourth Circuit: 6 judges were republican appointees, five were democratic appointees. NOW the count is 6 and NINE. At this point, it will take a Supreme Court decision to reinstate the District Court's ruling; dem-appointed gun grabbers have a lock on the Fourth Circuit, and SCOTUS declined to hear the case in October.

    BTW, if you go to the MSP site listing the requirements to apply for a concealed pistol license, you will see the words "
    good and substantial reason" in bold print. The web site then goes on to explain "What constitutes a good and substantial reason? Based on the guidance provided by the Maryland Public Safety Code, handgun permits may be issued to applicants based on the following circumstances:

    • 1. Owner or employee of a business. You must submit photocopies of the Trader’s License or Business License to support a request based on business ownership or as an authorized employee. You must also submit photocopies of six random deposit slips for the business showing the deposits within a year of the application submission date or a letter from the bank attesting that your business has a monetary flow, along with photocopies of ten receipts showing purchases for supplies and/or payments received for services. If you are an employee, you must submit a letter from your employer on the business stationary, explaining in detail why you need to carry a firearm as part of your duties.
    • 2. Professional Activities. Doctors, pharmacists, etc., must show evidence of legitimacy of business activity and valid certification or license applicable to your activities.
    • 3. Correctional Officers. Must submit verification of employment and documentation of threats and/or assaults (ie., police reports, facility incident reports, and intelligence reports).
    • 4. Former Police Officers. If you have resigned or have retired, you must provide a photocopy of your retired I.D. card (front and back) and produce a letter from your former agency advising that you resigned/retired in good standing, your official resignation/retirement date and how many years of service. NOTE: Permits are issued based on the "immediacy" of the application and years of service.
    • 5. Private Detective/Security Guard/Special Police/Armored Car Guards. All applicants who are employed as Private Detectives, Security Guards, Special Police Officers and Armored Car Guards must submit a certification of qualification with a handgun obtained from a Maryland State Police Certified Handgun Instructor on a State Police form. A copy of the form letter supporting “good and substantial reasons,” ownership of weapon, and location where the weapon will be maintained, is also required. (This form can be obtained from your employer). Submissions of dual applications will be processed by the Handgun Permit Unit.
    • 6. Personal Protection. There must be documented evidence of recent threats, robberies, and/or assaults, supported by official police reports or notarized statements from witnesses."

    It appears to me that, with the use of the bold print for those particular words, they are rubbing your noses in the fact that they won their battle. I did not bold ANY of the text.

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    every time similar instances come to heard the unreasonable facts are tried to support the vague decisions in this regard .. is anyone there to correct them by making more clear and simplified

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