Hello there, guys and gals!

I've decided I'd re-pursue becoming a gunsmith here in MA (or anywhere for that matter), and, am unsure how to even begin the process. In my last endeavor, which was in the late 80's, the gentleman I was going to apprentice under had a massive stroke and passed away days before I was to begin. I then ended up going to college, received my Master's in CJ, and then joined the USAF when I realized there wasnt any CJ jobs out there.

Now, in my 40's, I've decided I want to pursue becoming a licensed Gunsmith, as working on firearms is one of the few things I feel truly passionately about doing. Thing is, where the heck do I start? I'm not even sure what training programs/classes are out there anymore. I have tried contacting local firearms companies (i.e. Smith and Wesson, Savage, etc.) about veterans training courses, but, have come up empty, same with local gunsmiths.

Any tips, suggestions, opinions are very much welcome!