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Thread: Notifying police of CCW during traffic stop

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    I think this subject depends on what state you live in. If you are carrying concealed and with a permit, uless you are ordered out of your car, the trooper should not have any idea that you are carrying, unless he asks, then be honest. If you have a gun in the vehicle and no permit it should be in plane sight and unloaded anyway.
    Best to check with the State Attorney General to know the law in your state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    If you have a gun in the vehicle and no permit it should be in plane sight and unloaded anyway.
    What good would that firearm be? Should I link to the other awesome thread about carrying with one in the chamber?

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    I actually just got done taking the new conceal carry course in IL and my instructor, who is a IL policeman and shooting instructor, made very clear to us that in IL we are not required to offer up any info about our conceal carry. Now if they ask, then we must tell them we are carrying, where it is on our person, and show them our CC license. But we only have do to as much as they ask. If they don't ask we are not obligated to tell. The law gives them no right to take our weapon, though he advised to do so and sue later, only to ask those questions.
    It really surprises me that IL is like this. I figured we would get arrested, beaten, questioned, ordered to surrender our possessions and be forced to give a 30 min exhortation on the love we have for the Fuhrer of IL.
    In AZ we also don't have to tell the police we are carrying concealed unless they specifically ask. I never considered being pulled over over by a pseudo cop and being required to tell them where my firearm was concealed. In AZ it is a moot point. The pseudo cop isn't going where it is. Bad luck for him.

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