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    I was at a homicide scene where a man was shot 13 times (as per medical examiner) . Shots include back, chest, stomach and testicles. He still walked 100 yards until he fell. The shells found were .380.

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    Drugs and adrenaline can do amazing things.

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    I have 3 Mossbergs: 12g, 20g and 410. All but the 410 have the Hogue Rubber pistol grip. I wouldn't have a self defense shotgun any other way. The 410 has a pistol grip too, but Hogue doesn't make one, so it's just the standard plastic. I have no trouble controlling it without a front grip. I have the strap under the front pump on my 12 gauge with breecher. I shoot it chest high or sighted without issue and do not use the body as a rest. No, it's not like recoil free, it's also not like shooting my S&W 629 3" Barrel 44 Magnum with rubber grips. The 12 gauge is nicer to shoot! Personally, go with a 20 gauge with the Hogue Pistol Grip if recoil is a concern, ATI also makes a nice unit now, the Scorpion / Talon pistol grip or adjustable stock. I love my pistol grip shotguns, they are my camping buddies. Quick and easy to maneuver in tight places. Personally I keep my SD shotguns loaded with alternating rounds: #1 or #4 Buck and #4 or #5 shot.
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