Pistol Grip 12 ga Shotgun
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  1. Pistol Grip 12 ga Shotgun

    I am considering buying a pistol grip shotgun. Any feedback in regards.

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    Personally don't like pistol grip long guns with low sight lines, such as shotguns or flat top ARs, they always seem very awkward to me. ARs with the high carry handle sights are ok, but I've never seen a shotgun with a similar high sight line. Pistol grips with low sight lines just don't work for me. Then there's the issue that shotguns with pistol grips just look really goofy to me, but your opinion is the one that matters for your shotgun.

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    I purchased a Remington 870 and put a Knox adjustable stock on it which comes with a pistol grip. I mainly wanted the recoil reduction and not necessarily the pistol grip. After shooting with it it felt fine and I had no complaints about it. I would avoid a pistol grip only shotgun because then you have a lot of energy coming back in your direction and no stock to help spread out and control the energy. I have heard muzzle flip can be pretty rough on a shotgun with only a pistol grip.

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    you have to accept that it is just a close range point and shoot weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by joenap101 View Post
    I am considering buying a pistol grip shotgun. Any feedback in regards.
    Years ago a friend had a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip.

    It was without a doubt the most unpleasant and downright painful firearm I've ever fired.

    I'd rather fire a fifty round box of 240gr. Winchester White Box magnums out of my 4" S&W 29-2 than a magazine full of 2 3/4" double ought from that Mossberg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joenap101 View Post
    I am considering buying a pistol grip shotgun. Any feedback in regards.
    If your going to do that, you may find it easier on yourself if you also get a front grip to hold onto it to keep it from rising up on ya.

    This is the one I have on mine.


    Pistol Grip 12 ga Shotgun-shotgun2.jpg
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    I have a tactical 12 gauge with a folding stock and pistol grip. I enjoy shooting it and it makes a great home defense gun, especially in a condo apartment which is here I live.

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    I cannot recommend a pistol-grip-only 12 ga. pump shotgun. First, without a sling around your neck, they are woefully awkward and difficult to shoot accurately. Contrary to popular thought, shotguns do not spray lead in large clouds. Hitting a close target requires some degree of aiming. Hip-shooting doesn't cut it. Secondly, the recoil is ferocious. And, lastly, accurate follow-up shots are almost impossible. Many years ago a fellow officer was running away from an oncoming farm truck and, although he got off 3 rounds, he didn't touch the truck. Hipshooting under pressure is difficult under pressure, even if your intended target is a huge farm truck...

    About the only circumstances I would recommend a pistol-grip-only shotgun was if handguns were prohibited by law and space requirements did not allow a stocked weapon. At best it is a compromise to a compromise...

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    Pistol Grip 12 ga Shotgun

    I would agree that a pistol-grip only shotgun is not worth the trouble. A buddy of mine had one for a while and it made a great club but other than that it was about the most useless thing in the world. That being said, I much prefer a pistol-grip on a stocked shotgun for HD than just a traditional straight stock. Gives me better maneuverability and control over the gun. I would also second Bob_M's suggestion of putting a foregrip on it, especially if you get an auto. I have one on my Mossberg 930 SPX and I can put all 9 rounds of 00 on target at 15 yds in about 5 seconds with it.

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    I would avoid a pistol grip only shotgun. I made sure I got both the pistol grip only stock, along with the regular stock, when I bought my Maverick 88. I was sure that would be what I needed for home defense! I guess I've watched too many movies. I tried the pistol grip only stock once. That was enough. Haven't reinstalled it since. My home defense shotgun instructor won't even let them on his range.

    It's very possible to miss with a shotgun, so shooting without aiming means your shot is probably going someplace you don't want it to. Not a good thing, imo.

    I've asked for a shorter stock, with a pistol grip, for Christmas. I hope that will be a good alternative to the regular stock, but have no experience with it right now.
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