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  1. I take mine with me everywhere I go. Perfect for deep concealment when you can't carry anything else or as a bug when you can. Not a range gun, true, but not meant to be. Perfect for its intended use.
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    Do you have an extended mag? mine is only 6+1.

    I really like the magguts mag kit. Changes the spring and follower and gives you 7+1 in the stock 6+1 mag. I have found them a 100% reliable in testing.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    Do you have an extended mag? mine is only 6+1.
    Yes, Bought thru Ruger Store 7 +1 with finger extender. better grip for fingers. love this little gun

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    As with all weapons practice makes for better accuracy. The weapon of choice is up to the individual and their goal in that choice. The LCP 380 is an excellent firearm.
    As with all weapons there are differences and both pro and con. Chose on that best fits your need then practice, practice, practi---- well you get the point.

  6. Have it, love it. Throw a laser on it. I put the LaserLyte side mounted laser on and highly recommend it. Since this is a pistol for close up action, the laser lets you keep both eyes focused on the target.

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    I've had my LCP since May 2010, it's a great, reliable, amazingly accurate pocket piece. Yes, it is a nasty little bugger with regard to recoil snap, due to it's lightweight and thin profile. I fitted my with a custom cut Hogue Handall Jr (now they actually make them for the LCP). It made a world of difference. I have shot over a dozen varieties of ammo through this, including hollow points of many types. I've mixed up FMJ and HP's and have had no recurring FTF's. I have no hesitation about carrying this, especially when I want a highly concealable weapon or a backup piece. I imagine I have well over 1000 rounds through mine and the worst thing that has happened is a slow to return slide a couple times. I would have no problem blaming that on my neglecting to due proper maintenance. However, it did load the next round, just had some hesitation. Never jammed that I can recall since day one. I've shot Golden Sabers, XTP's, Speer, Federal, Winchester and Magtech Hollow Points. Works great in an ankle holster too. I had a S&W Bodyguard (it was a lemon law return) and I am disappointed in both the Sig P232 and P290RS; too many failures to fire needing restrike. I was recently considering a P938 by Sig, but am waiting for further commentary around the web. Sig has not made any decent impression on me with the two I have owned. Kahr on the other hand, would be a brand I would recommend, especially the all steel versions. If I was to buy an LCP today, I'd probably go for the tan look with a green laser; mine is black with no laser. For close up, 15 feet or less, it's a winner for sure and the price is very reasonable.

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    I have two LPC's a P3At Kel-Tec (same as the LPC) and a Sig P-238 Equniox. If I had to pick the Sig would be the Keeper. My second choice would be the LPC. I bought the Kel-Tec better than 10 years ago, used it as a EDC till the LPC's came out. THe LPC is a more refined gun. Then I purchased the Sig. If you can afford the Sig. buy it It is twice the gun, a pleasure to take to the range. The Sig. is almost twice the cost of the LPC. The Sig's have night sights vs no sights. The LPC is quite snappy to fire. But it's a defensive gun not something you take to the range and shoot 200 or more. Your hand will tell with the LPC, the Sig wont. The sig is my EDC now but still carry the LPC at times. I carry the Sig. in a Remora IBW clipless holster. The LPC gets droped in my pocket for runs to the corner store.

  9. LCP is a great little gun. Well worth the money.

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    I've had an LCP for a few years, and carry it when clothing dictates. It isn't a great gun as it is not all that "fun" to shoot, but it is very compact and reliable. I put a Hogue slip-over grip on it that makes a lot of difference. I have no complaints about the trigger. It is firm and long, and it therefore is not at all likely to go off in your pocket. I carry it in a pocket holster of one type or another ...I have several.

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    I think that you'd be very happy with a Ruger LCP. I have a Keltec P3AT in 380 and I love it. The LCP is simply a P3AT clone. If you're able to get Buffalo Bore ammo it is as good (or better) as a stopper as a 38 Spl +P in a snubbie. Happy Holidays to all of you guys on this forum. :)

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