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Thread: Thoughts on CCW Guardian Logbook?

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    Any record can be a double edged sword. Need I explain more.
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    If this David Birchmier person is indeed a legitimate representative of this company (part of the team (no title), and no contact info... I'm naturally dubious), then maybe what I have replied to shadowd123 could have been a bit premature. If this is the case, I apologize.

    But the fact that there is the ability to access info and and have data be transmitted, still does not sit well with me. Sure you can use the app offline, but what happens when you go back online? Take this into consideration when it's just as easy to bring your notebook to the range and write everything down. I still find it easier to pick up a pen and jot a note down rather than unlock my phone, turn on an app, sign into the app and then begin. Oh wait, did I disable my Internet so I make sure no data is shared?? Maybe I'm old school, maybe I'm cynical, but if you need more convenience than a notebook and a pen, *shrugs*, you take certain risks. Anything that is online is accessible to the right people.

    I also went to the FAQ section of the CCWGuardian website. They talk of protecting yourself through training and their app will be a good record of the training you've done with each of your firearms. So your training record can and will now be used in court to show how much you've trained. Well this can necessarily have the reverse effect too. What if you get into a SD issue with a new gun or one that you didn't train as much with? Any good lawyer will chew on this like a hungry dog on a bone and show that you were inadequately trained with this or that specific weapon. After reading this, I'm convinced I do not want my training electronically recorded for anyone to subpoena.

    They try to make the analogy that LE record their training like this app does to protect themselves in court. Yes and no. Once a LEO has qualified with a certain weapon, the actual score is destroyed. All the record says is that the LEO has passed. This way the details of the training cannot be hashed out in court. If you have a detailed account of your training recorded electronically, what if you have a bad day at the range one day? I would not want that showing up in court.
    Thanks for your response. Definitely some great discussion and I think your thoughts are very valuable.

    Just a couple quick points that may be of interest to you:

    Disabling the sync feature:
    When this feature is disabled, it does not matter if you are offline or online. Regardless, the app will not sync any information.

    From what I understand I think your biggest concern is a 3rd party (other than you, or us hacking in to get your data)

    I understand this concern -
    That is why CCW Guardian does not work with iCloud or any service used by the masses. We are a pretty secure bunch here, too.

    Regarding documenting your training (on paper or electronically) -
    No one expects you to be perfect - just not negligent or dishonest. In fact, documenting your bad days is equally as important as documenting your good days. By documenting all of your training sessions you demonstrate your honesty.

    I find your input and feedback really valuable. I would like to have a greater dialog with you as I feel we could learn more about your concerns and how we can work hard to address them.

    If you would be interested in providing more feedback, I would love to have it. Shoot me a private message with your email and we can connect!

    Thanks again for the great discussion!

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