What is up with Georgia? Anyway!
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Thread: What is up with Georgia? Anyway!

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    What is up with Georgia? Anyway!

    Patriotic Restaurant Owners Ordered to Remove Flags Honoring Our Troops | Independent Journal Review
    What in heaven's name is going on down there?
    The owners of a McDonough, Georgia, restaurant called CJs Hot Dogs have been fined for flying flags honoring U.S. troops. The eatery has nine flags atop the building: the American flag, the Georgia state flag and flags for each branch of the military.
    The code enforcement officer who issued the citation considered the flags to be the same as signs, which are banned under city law.
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    First amendment challenge. They have a right to express themselves. Freedom of expression is a constitutional right. I say tie up the supreme court with it.

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    flags are not signs. signs are signs. flags are flags. sounds like a court case to me.
    No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
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    The day the government makes me pay money to display the stars and stripes will be the day the revolution starts.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
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    Cry HAVOC! And let slip the lawyers and litigation!
    I don't care as much about making you more "tactical" as I do about making you better able to be the one still standing after the fight is over.

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    I'm with wolf_fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    The day the government makes me pay money to display the stars and stripes will be the day the revolution starts.
    NO KIDDING, I'M WITH YOU!!! WTF is going on in this country, is everyone loosing their minds????

  9. Sorry to say, but the country is imploding.

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    Me too!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by GB-Boater View Post
    I'm with wolf_fire.
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

  11. Nothing in heaven's name has anything to do with this.

    Add this injustice to what is presently happening to America.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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