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The problem is that we have an administration that has absolutely no understanding of the purpose of the military. They think that it is just a glorified Peace Corps and police force with a little social experimentation thrown in. The real purpose is killing as many of the enemy as possible and destroying property, both civilian and military, seems to be beyond the comprehension of progressives.

Because of the idiocy of progressives, Korea, Vietnam, and the recent wars have been costly military disasters. The military performed magnificently as the U.S. Armed Forces always do. This country accomplished nothing in these conflicts because of the interference of feckless political whores, like those occupying the Whitehouse.
They understand perfectly what the military purpose is and what it is supposed to accomplish in a combat zone.
That is why they have done so much to make our Armed Forces as ineffective as they possibly can. Whether it be by the troops morale or by the equipment (ammo), the administrations purpose is to predictably cut back on the Armed Forces ability to survive in a sustained combat environment. The enemy is not going to use as farsidedfan termed Eco-Friendly ammo, they are not going to give our troops any slack. WHY ARE WE? (not apologizing for the shout) It is simple anything to save the king rats ideological friends we have been attempting to combat.