Army giving up stopping power for 'green' bullets?
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Thread: Army giving up stopping power for 'green' bullets?

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    Army giving up stopping power for 'green' bullets?

    I just read this article on and was puzzled by the change (?) in ammunition by the Army. This change supposedly came about in 2010 for the MP4 and AR-15. I heard of the "frangible bullet" a long time ago which was purportedly used by Air Marshals because the bullet, if fired inside an airplane, would disintegrate if it hit a hard target such as cabin walls and not cause the plane to crash. The round is purported to cause a nasty flesh wound and stop a BG. I can not believe that a bullet similar to this would ever be used in a combat situation and give the advantage to enemy soldiers. In a war, the environment is not, nor has it ever been, considered friendly and the ecology be damned. Has anyone else heard of such a change and, if so, what have been the comments on this type ammunition? I sincerely hope that our military leaders haven't gone along with an idea such as this!

    by AWR HAWKINS 25 Jul 2013 404 POST A COMMENT

    The Army is switching from lead bullets in many small caliber arms to "environmentally friendly" rounds in 2014, even through the lead bullets are tried and true while the stopping power of the "green" bullets is already being questioned.
    The Daily Caller reports that the Army switched to a "green" round for its 5.56 mm ammo in 2010--these are the bullets used in an MP4 or an AR-15.
    This ammo is referred to as an "Enhanced Performance Round," even though a Fox News report raises suspicions over just how enhanced the new round will be. They quote "ballistics experts" who say "the new rounds won't be substantially more deadly" than the old ones. Nevertheless, the Army is pressing on and making the 7.62 mm bullet "environmentally friendly" by 2014 as well.
    The Army predicts "the use of green 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition could eliminate the purchase of 3,683 metric tons of lead between 2013 and 2018."
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    This sounds like a bunch of lib-o-rat "greenies" are in charge of things now. They do not understand that in war or conflicts that the military's job is to kill people and break things!!!

    Just like obummer and his minions to tie the military's hands!

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    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the shout but since when did bullets designed to kill ASAP need to be made - and get this wording - "ECO FRIENDLY".
    Since when did we want anything FRIENDLY about a bullet? Somebody is massively misunderstanding the primary purpose of a bullet. Somebody in politics, not the military is guiding this missile at our troops.
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    Well, we know it's gonna be awhile before the DHS and other domestic alphabet groups switch from lead.

    OTOH, it would be typical for them to surplus all the lead ammo for pennies on the dollar and buy the new green stuff with OUR green stuff...
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    Hey guys: They are only soldiers and they are volunteers. C'mon--what is more important--the environment or a couple of dead soldiers? Ask the narcissistic moslem communist godking and Hagel and the military biggees, whose noses are getting browner everyday as they push it further up the godking's rear end

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    Sounds like someone new about the closing of the Doe Run lead smelter ahead of time.
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    We were on RIMPAC last year for the one flight demonstration.

    The Navy is going green too. At a cost of many, many times the normal price of fuel:

    Defense officials defend Great Green Fleet cost | Reuters

    We were on RIMPAC last year for the one flight demonstration.

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    The problem is that we have an administration that has absolutely no understanding of the purpose of the military. They think that it is just a glorified Peace Corps and police force with a little social experimentation thrown in. The real purpose is killing as many of the enemy as possible and destroying property, both civilian and military, seems to be beyond the comprehension of progressives.

    Because of the idiocy of progressives, Korea, Vietnam, and the recent wars have been costly military disasters. The military performed magnificently as the U.S. Armed Forces always do. This country accomplished nothing in these conflicts because of the interference of feckless political whores, like those occupying the Whitehouse.

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    DHS is the whitehouse dumbass's private army. He doesn't want the real army as powerful as his own. His own army will not turn on him. The real army might. He is a fool that is no fool. Think about it.
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    Soooo my potato gun will be finally in fashion? Just to think I've could of cornered the market.......DOD where are ya when I have these insights?
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