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    Plea for assistance & information

    I'm about to start school at the University of Washington next week and I can't (per RCW) carry my gun on campus "unless prior written approval has been obtained from the university chief of police, or any other person designated by the president of the university"

    I have heard of Deans giving permission for some students, I think usually military, but I haven't been able to come up with specific examples. Does anyone know of a specific college this happened at, or knows anyone who has received a waiver?

    I'm sure if I can show precedent, I can convince the dean to let me carry. I have law enforcement training and background and I've carried responsibly for five years. Add to that the recent events at UW and the fact that I have a 2 hour (one-way) commute by bus just to get to school, and how could her reasonably say no?

    Anyway, I'm looking for any anecdotes or information that will help me plead my case. I've checked Students for Concealed Carry, but they didn't have too much that was relevant to this.

    Husky Girl

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    I hate to sound like a party pooper, but honestly, I don't think you'll get approval. It's unfortunate that you don't have a car to keep your gun in, but if I were you, I'd find out if the police station offers weapon storage; the university from which I graduated and continue to work at part-time does offer weapon storage, although I rarely utilize it (since there arent' any metal detectors on campus, I just put my gun in a smartcarry while I'm there; that is the one holster that I'm confident will not result in any kind of accidental exposure). If it doesn't offer weapon storage, you might just be out of luck. I could be wrong, but I honestly don't see the university police giving you permission unless you're LEO. Let us know what happens.

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    You may want to consider additional firearms training. For some reason, many people in places of authority seem to think that someone who has had extensive firearms training is more qualified to carry a firearm then your average citizen.

    Something to think about.

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    Hate to say it but i think you will be SOL on this one. Maybe try getting a letter from the Town chief of police maybe that will work. You said you have some LEO back ground so if you use to be a Cop.. There is a Fed Law Voiding laws banning CC for retired cops let me see if i can find it. Also if you where LEO go talk to the Rent a cops on campus maybe they will be able to help a fellow sister out. Short of any of that i just don't see it happening as most people still think that people who carry guns are nuts and some BG or mass killer. It's sad but thats the way the sheep think till a big bad wolf comes. Then the sheep dogs cant get there fast enough for them. Maybe some day we will open our eyes and stop grouping Good people who pass the background checks to get there permit and or gun. With the Lump heads who rape,murder and lose there mind. On a side note if you go back and read the rules i posted under your welcome post, it states that OC does not come under this law so you maybe able to carry some OC and or a stun or taser gun.I could not find any rules in the UW guide lines so you should be ok there.


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    Question Some Other Reasons Maybe?

    Husky Gal
    There may be one other way to approach this and please only use it if it applies to you:
    1. You have been assualted/raped/threatened, etc., need weapon to preclude repeat of same.
    2. You fear for your life anywhere because...?
    3. Persons in your new college (staff or students) have made unwanted threats, advances towards you.
    4. You do not trust leaving your weapon at home/in car because of crime where you live [if] off campus, look up the crime stats for the towns where you live like Medical Lake or Cheyney. (WA sub group link, USA Carry)
    Do not post replies to this angle on USA Carry, THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS ONLY & NEVER FABRICATE because someone may check your story out.
    I know it's digging, but if it gives you the right 2 carry on campus and totally out of site then it may be worth a try if any of above apply.
    Trying to help NOT pry..

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    Lupus, they are all good points but the sad fact of the matter is they are Void on a college campus. They will tell you thats what campus police are for or file a report if you feel unsafe, thats what the call boxes on campus are for and so on and so on. I would carry a pocket knife,OC, taser,or a Tactical 21'' baton any of them will do the job. they are also not on the list.


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    Digging S&WM&P40, I got a feeling U R right, but the new gal in my a/o needs a little hope, who knows, we got about 4 serial rapists awaiting trial right now in town lock-up, a few on the run and still hitting gals in town, and a right bastard called Kevin Coe who is eating his way thru an obvious run of serial rapes on South Hill, Spokane, pleading not-guility to 'em all, when all the victims are I.D.-ing him as the perp and DNA has linked him to each, co$ting my town a fortune to civil try him, it's headines in my ville daily. BTW Luke Mr. Kevin Coe is innocent until proven guilty but his name is not forbidden to be posted anywhere for public information in our news for the last month. My opinions may be wrong and if so and this raping ****-head finds them here he can sue me! If he ever makes it to my door alive as there is a posse out in town with lynching in their minds if he does an OJ and walks free.


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    I would submit all the info you gave us and past history. If some have been given the right to carry on campus so should you. They might have to,or worry about litigation after something happens to you.

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    I will research it more for you on the net and see what i can come up with Husky! But again i say what is your back ground in LEO? If you use to a LEO i am about 50% sure that Fed law i was talking about will let you carry..


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    Ok i was able to find out that AT EWU ( eastern Washington university) you are able to have your guns in your cars, They also have a locker for you to keep them in.

    Weapons on Campus
    Weapons are not allowed on campus per WAC 172-122-120. Weapons as defined within RCW Chapter 9.41 that are legal to posses are required to be registered and stored with the University Police. Weapons will be checked against the appropriate authority's databases for the weapons and owner's status. (Sections RCW 9.41.010, 9.41.040, 9.41.300, 9.41.250 and 9.41.280.)

    EWU residents may store two weapons at the Red Barn. Weapons brought into the Red Barn are to be unloaded, the weapon will be checked prior to acceptance. You may transport your weapon(s) in your vehicle to and from the Red Barn and your destination. Weapons must be secured in the trunk of your vehicle unloaded with the ammunition stored in a separate location; University Police does not accept ammunition for storage.

    Concealed weapons are not to be carried on University property. Concealed weapons permit holders will notify University Police for instructions and information about the temporary weapons storage. For further information, on the possession and storage of dangerous weapons, contact EWU Police Department at the Red Barn or call 359-6300 option #3 on the automated menu.

    Not that is does you much good. I will keep looking.

    this is also a good read...

    UW students push for right to concealed guns on campus
    Movement sprang up in wake of shootings at Virginia Tech


    At first glance, the little black box clipped to Brian Yip's belt looks like a beeper. It's not.

    It's an empty handgun holster, and the University of Washington senior wants it to be visible as he walks through the Quad on campus, sits at a classroom desk or makes a trip to nearby University Way for a bite to eat.

    To Yip, it's a statement and a reminder that he and everyone else on the UW's three campuses aren't permitted to carry a gun -- along with students at most other college campuses in the country.

    That doesn't sit well with Yip, who has a concealed pistol license and is an active member of a movement that sprang up after the Virginia Tech campus shootings a year ago.

    This week, thousands of students across the country like Yip are wearing empty holsters to protest concealed-weapons bans on college campuses, including a group who displayed their holsters Wednesday at the UW before a forum later in the evening.

    Yip and others like him hypothesize that the Virginia Tech shootings could have been minimized or even eliminated if students at Virginia Tech were allowed to take guns to school.

    "As much as we like to think of a school as a safe zone, it's not safe," said Yip, who heads up the UW's chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. "School is not safe, and outside of school is not safe."

    The Concealed Carry group has 25,000 members and counting.

    At the forum at the UW Wednesday night, members of the group made a case for weapons on campus -- albeit to a mostly friendly audience. But they know they're still swimming against the current elsewhere on campus, where administrators and student leaders have been outspoken against allowing weapons.

    It's a university policy -- not a state law -- that keeps guns off campus, concealed or otherwise.

    Violating a school's ban on guns can result in expulsion or in arrest for trespassing. A Seattle Central Community College student who brought three loaded guns to class last fall was suspended for one year.

    Before the Wednesday forum, Assistant UW Police Chief Ralph Robinson noted that bows and arrows, knives with blades longer than three inches and other deadly weapons also are banned.

    Pepper spray, he said, is permitted.

    "We have a safe campus," Robinson said. "I'm not sure that we want to have guns and weapons in classrooms where people are just about achieving adulthood."

    By law, a person must be 21 to have a concealed pistol license. But students at Wednesday's forum said age shouldn't be a factor in the university's reasoning.

    "The UW, a state institution, should be more consistent with the state law," senior Sean Carhart said. "The rest of the state government says (this is) OK, but the UW Board of Regents says -- for some reason -- that's not good enough for here."

    The gun ban has been in place for decades, UW spokesman Norm Arkans said. Only a few public colleges don't have similar bans, including some universities in Utah and Colorado.

    "The university has had a long-standing policy, trying to preserve the safest possible environment," Arkans said. "You can pick up the paper every day ... and read about some shooting, accidental or otherwise."

    This week, Yip and other students have been lobbying students from a makeshift booth on the Husky Union Building lawn. They report that many students have stopped to voice their support -- even pledging to come to school wearing a holster.

    Not everyone has been supportive, though.

    Alice Roesch-Knapp came upon a group of empty-holster protesters Wednesday afternoon and said she opposes guns on campus.

    "I guess I have a problem with weapons anywhere," said the UW sophomore. "If people didn't have access to weapons, they would maybe have to think rationally about their actions."

    And as for those who want to come to school with a handgun tucked inside their jacket, "who knows why they would feel that kind of fear on campus," she said.
    P-I reporter Amy Rolph
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